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  1. Hi Minilab Service, please can you share to me MS01 Ver 4.2 ? thanks.
  2. Hi Servmanmex, Please can you share for me the MS01 V4. thanks a lot .
  3. HI Andrew, Do you mean the floppy disks (bakup data) or the system Software disk ? If you mean the backup floppy disks, you can't use disks from anosther SP3000, however you can install the scanner on stand-alone mode, without nedding the backup disks. regards.
  4. hello, I want to connect an order-it mini with Fr500 running FE Software. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi Send me your email, I will share it for you.
  6. Hi, when you press the Power-On Button did the printer-Processor start?
  7. hello, mehdi.bouaziz@topnet.tn Kind regards.
  8. Hello, I had a frontier 330 wtith A1 ver 3.5 and C4/C5 ver 5.5, I need your help Please, I want to upgrade my System to FE Software, thats why I need to update my A1 to 4.0 to installa S2 client on my SLP800. Can some one help me and send or share A1 ver4.0 for FR330, please urgent. Cordialement.
  9. I use C1 for the FUJIFILM Cristal Archive Paper
  10. Hi, on the LP7100 with MS01 Ve 2.1, after setting the paper specification and when I try to do the daily setup or emulsion number change I get an error "failed to setup correctly #2000", please can some bady help me kind regards.
  11. HighTech

    S1, S11, S13

    Hi nlo81mkd, Please can you send me or share S7 for me, I need it to use a second DICII. Thanks. Kind Regards
  12. Hi everybody, I need the service manual for the QSS35 series plese can some body share it for me. thanks a lot.
  13. Hi, I solvd the problem by replacing The printer I/F main PCB; thanks for your help
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