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  1. hello , I looking for qss35 wiring manual, or wiring diagram, someone maybe can help me. Thank in advance
  2. hello, I have the same problem, I did firmware update but the problem remain, someone has this software to adjust this section? thank in advance
  3. Hello Rowe, I have some problem with my noritsu 3501, the printer control board was burned exactily the U50 over the circuit board, maybe you have the wiring manual or the esquematic for this section. If you have maybe you can send me this manula to kodatel@gmail.com and thank you in advance for your help PD. sorry for my bad english.
  4. Hello, can you send me parts list manual to me. thank you in advance
  5. kodatel

    Printhead 6800

    Hello, I was thinking, the problem will be in the green core or black core , because the core has a pin, if this pin if broken, the paper go outside the midle, and for this reason could be the problem, check it. Sorry for my english, is so bad regards :-/
  6. Hello Everybody, I have some problem with the processor, and I need the service manual for this machine, some boby can help me, sorry for my english because is so bad, regards form Spain
  7. Hello every boby, I have the manual for qss23xx, but which do you want?, parts list, service, or setup manual,etc. Regards from spain
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