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  1. Hi, the is not printhead problem. Dirty rollers somewhere on the paper path. Most likely paper feed pressure rollers just before print head. Require cleaning. Some papers has very soft top coating and it is happened that roller make marks on them. Try to use Luster/silk instead of glossy
  2. You cannot really get decent B/W from dye ink based color inkjet printer. Always will have some color cast due to ink migration. The only way is to create dedicated ICC profile by using high end colorimetric unit and high end software. But even then it requires certain amount of knowledge and the result will not last long. if you need really good BW go for pigment inkjet with gray inks.
  3. Don't know about paper jam. Its somewhere in top section - rear cover most possible. Try to clean it and check the paper path. Some papers are a bit wider and that may cause problems 153 mm instead of 152 for example
  4. Do not use "Diagnostic cleaning" and turn off Periodic nozzle check. The internal system that monitoring for clogged nozzles is not reliable. Vapors from inks contaminate inside of the printer causing false alarms. Print regular nozzle check and act accordingly if problem. Start always from Normal cleaning and do not perform cleanings one after another. Wait 10-15 min between. Avoid Strong cleaning. Clean the waste ink pad on lower platen. That is from where you get "black" ink on the back side of the prints and most probably false clogged nozzle alarms.
  5. A lot of questions asked about the free software I placed for download above: 1. You have to create formats File-> New Format -> Give format name-> choose crop size - they are fixed 127x89,152x102 etc - this affect only crop size showed and nothing else. So if you have format with differ sizes but same aspect ratio you can use any of given one. Example 128x89 eg 4:3 or 152x102 eg 3:2. 2. You can set different color balance, set margins apply curves etc. for any format separately from Ctrl. +F12 or File-> Print setup 3. Crop frame is regulated up/down- more/less by mouse scroll 4. Right button of the mouse skip dedicated image - it won't be printed. Double click open large one for edit 5. Working sequence is New Order - give name (not mandatory) choose print size - Browse images - double click add image to order or you may select images click Add to project button. After collect all needed files click Finish button - it goes to edit screen automatically
  6. There is a software that I have wrote 15+ Years ago for use on digital carriers. It obsolete and ugly but plenty of people using is with printers even this days ... and it's totally free. Just remember - it start printing with windows default printer on current size settings without asking anything. You can create your own formats from menu file -> New format ... asks if any questions. https://mega.nz/file/ytd1xQDL#g-dVvrNtqQMI1jmW2Bj9lKeb3sjZ5TZN_7-aTyQL8m4
  7. Hard to tell from this images but ... if you are using standard dye inks it is caused by high TIC - total ink coverage - this the maximum amount of all inks combined that the paper can handle. The solution is to calibrate the printer using colorimeter or using dedicated ICC profile. Also check how will be by using different paper profiles - for example if you print using matt type of paper on glossy one you can have such issues. If you are using pigment inks - that is so called bronzing effect. It is mostly visible on glossy papers. The only solution is not to use this inks.
  8. Go to service tool 1. Maintenance -> Sample/Adjustment Pattern Image Print ->Nozzle Check Malfunction pattern -> Print This is extended nozzle check pattern that should show you operation of all dot sizes - I am guessing that you will have crocked line/missing dots in small and medium sizes of K. The nozzles are working OK, you just have dirt on Ph that prevent drops to be ejected properly. The other options are mechanical damage of the PH - highly unlikely but possible.
  9. That usually is caused by contamination on first section of the PH (eg K section). It's because the resting position of K when printer is idle is on first section of the capping station which is responsible for all maintenance procedures - the other tree are just for sealing and non functional. Make 3 normal cleaning cycles on K only in a row - if still missing lines perform power cleaning - wait ~ 30 min and check if still missing lines do High power cleaning - wait 15 min and do normal cleaning after - wait another 15 min and check. The other way around is to manually clean first section of the capping station, wiper blade and surface of the K section of PH - but it require attention and some skills.
  10. There is no way to test it... not to my knowledge and without special tools at least. Has to be replaced with new one. The other possibilities that came up to my mind are ink tube joint and the usual suspect - the capping station. In fact the last part of missing same portion of same color after cleaning, leads to capping station as faulty element.
  11. Looks like decompression pump to me ...
  12. Not sure what exactly you are asking, but ... if by carousel you mean sorter unit it is designed to take and sort small sizes up to 6 inch wide papers. Anything above 6 inch will come always as you said on top of the printer.
  13. I am not familiar with D1005 - never worked on such machine - sorry. Basically you have to unlock PH and move it to center position - either trough command from software or manually. Then you will see and eventually have access to capping station and also can clean printing surface of the PH. they are people in this forum that are able to sale you or provide you with service manual pdf with will be very useful for you. i don't have anything and don't know much about that machine.
  14. In case of constantly missing nozzles on check pattern they are several thing to do before changing the PH: 1. Clean or replace capping station - this the place where Ph stays while not printing and also operate cleaning process. Cleaning must include surface and wiper. Use clean water. 2. Check and clean all cable connection to and from PH - sometimes there is dirt from ink mist on connectors that may cause problems. Use median grade alcohol ~ 70%. 3. Clean the printing surface of the PH - use water and soft material. 4. Try other ink cartridge - even OEM ones may be defective sometimes If you are lucky some of the above may help - but in reality almost 90% of cases are faulty PH as you where told before.
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