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  1. The snow is making the CPU load stay pegged at 100% on my computer
  2. Sent you a PM for access. Supplied user/pass is not working.
  3. Anyone have something newer than G002? It's a few years old... Thanks!
  4. Tried the Labtricity update from ExpressDigital. It's functional, but the menu is messed up and some kiosk orders won't print. Something to do with a currency error. I can't believe no one else has the Ezlab software?
  5. My bad. I was relating an experience we had with the 3101.
  6. Still looking for an update for Ezlab if anyone has it... ExpressDigital says it's not for Ezlab customers on their website. Labtricity.exe version - modified Thursday, May 03, 2007
  7. Don't mean to scare you, but we had the exact same problem for over a year. Noritsu originally thought it was an AOM issue, but ultimately the laser needed to be replaced. Once that was done, everything was fine afterwards.
  8. Now that we've been using it a few days, we've had a few complaints that digital prints are too light. Is there a way to have Net Order mode prints be lightened twice, and negatives printed on 3101 be lightened three times?
  9. Where do I change the master density control to lighten all 35mm negs & prints coming through Net Order Mode on 3101? The 35mm negs look so dark on the screen, even after calibrating. I usually end up lightening every print 3 times to get the desired result. Also, prints on external EZLab pc look great on that pc's monitor, but when printed by the 3101, they are dark. I need to have the machine automatically lighten the prints coming through Net Order Mode. How do I do this? I tried changing a few settings that I thought would fix the issue, but they appear to have changed more than ju
  10. Unfortunately, as you have noticed, Noritsu is not in the business of letting customers know that there are updates to their software. Even if it adds new features or fixes known bugs, they first require that you have documented issues with tech support to "qualify" for any updates or fixes. I was told that they would rather have people using old software with "known issues" than new software that could introduce "new issues". Take that for what it's worth.
  11. Our 7600 has been printing green junk on the sides of posters, particularly around the edges and up to 2 inches onto the paper. It looks like the ink is leaking possibly onto the paper. We've changed the ink cartridge, replaced the waste container, and have done dozens of head cleanings to try to sort it out. It doesn't always do it, but it's there more often than not. Any ideas what it could be? It's frustrating to print a 24x36, only to find it's ruined from the 'green junk'. Thanks for any help!
  12. I got an error about a file couldn't be found during flashing. The LED on the MD-3 is red now and the drives do not show up in My Computer. Device Manager still recognizes the device, however. Uninstalling and reinstalling it from Device Manager did not rectify the problem. Any ideas?
  13. Tried finding it on the manufacturer's website, but they don't have it listed. Warranty is already expired on the kiosks anyway, so no worries with that. I did get an email from someone on this board offering to sell it to me for $25, but I don't think that is a good idea. The firmware allows for reading of SDHC cards.
  14. Noritsu part number R504445-01 v1.09 Firmware... Does anyone have this? Noritsu wants over $100US for an update that any other company would give out for free...
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