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  1. Do any one have any knowledge about the release and price of the new machines.
  2. Does any one know which one is better in quality and worth for money. i already own a QSS 3201SD where it is 5 years old and i have changed laser unit 2 times. i have noticed minute dot grains on D 1005-2, where i read that Fuji DL600 using 5 ink cartridge and it reduce those grains problem, but i have not seen the picture. is any one using dry printers? please advice me for better choice.
  3. Hi my one QSS 3201sd replace the laser unit on November 2009 from Noritsu singapore, but yesterday onwards it stop working. so this time i planed to repair it but still not sure about selecting company's i prefer directly visiting the company and doing the repair instead of sending through couriers. if any one can suggest please let me know the price.
  4. EDIT BY NEIL For adverts please visit http://www.minilabhelp.com/classifieds/
  5. then even with the higher resolution i.e more then 120% higher then QSS37 , what is the difference between those resolution difference, and on d1005 the inkjet dots are visible.
  6. u have to wait 8 minutes before its getting ready right? have interchanged the aom drivers? that might help for a while
  7. i had the same senario around five month ago and it gradually gone suddent it stoped. what is you problem right now? waves, magenta line, yellow displaced ?
  8. Using QSS 3201SD with new laser unit replaced 3 months ago and i am interested in replacing my machine with the D1005 dry mini lab but its very difficult to take a easier decision, even though noritsu they still selling both mini labs (dry & wet) choosing 37 HD or D1005 is very difficult task for me. qualitty wise no clear views yet ? also what will be the future printing system?
  9. Hi My machine QSS 3201 SD suddently started to print yellowish instead of white in kodak papers then its created magenta waves & lines ( which i have discussed earliar in this forum and got so much information, thx a lot for helping) but while testing on Fuji paper the white was very bright and perfect. magenta lines and waves got worse every day. any way it was confirmed that our Laser unit was got faulty. Our machine is just three years old and have printed about 1 million prints. UPS is working perfectly and its maintained perfectly and grounding (earth) also proper. I just wanted
  10. I have replaced all three old AOM with brand new AOM, and changed the PCB also and checked the power also i have installed the software from initial state i.e without using any back up.. but still the problem not solved
  11. Hi Is there any place to repair or refurblished (re con) laser unit for noritsu qss 3201SD
  12. is it possible to repair or have to completly replace?
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