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  1. vimalson, whats the way of copying a protected cd? if u let me know, i wil help u
  2. thanks to everyone, i solved out by changing all the filters in the p1 p2 & psr filters.. now its fine..
  3. hi, pl help, when i switch on the printer ( FUJI LP7500) , the below message comes out... error 5532 the processing solution safety thermostat has activated.. whats this ? any help ! thanks in advance..
  4. aroul

    NEED MS01

    what happend to ur ms01 cd? now ms3.1 had come, new sw works good!
  5. check out this people.. prince rubber spares, little mount, chennai , south india. ph:- +91 44 22352754 cell:- +9198409 51501
  6. i get the error 5532 message says :- thermo capacity booster has been activated , when i power on the machine in the morning. what is this error ? whats the remedy?
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