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  1. Turned on our 2901SM machine and after the Windows splash screen goes away, I noticed that the screen is stuck on Applying Your Computer Settings. Nothing works. No mouse, CtrlAltDel won't work. I can restart in Safe Mode ok. Safe Mode with Networking allows network access ok. Unplugging ethernet cable doesn't change anything. Any suggestions? I don't want to reinstall the OS if it's a hardware issue.
  2. Thanks for the info! Since it's an SM machine and needs to be replaced we're trying to keep our costs as low as possible.
  3. No luck. Unplugged the ribbon and the other two connectors. They look clean. The + and - keys and the up and down arrows don't appear to function. Any ideas for a reputable source of used parts in the US? Thanks again, Kevin
  4. Our v30sm keyboard has a non-functioning down button. This makes it very difficult to adjust anything. Are the keyboards repairable, or we try to find a used one that works? Thanks, Kevin
  5. Thanks for the info. I have already discovered that much, but need to know where I can buy replacements (hopefully in the US). Googling that part number did nothing useful.
  6. Our splice tape dispenser has a bad blade. It is a Nichiban TCE-100n. Does anyone know where we can get replacement blades? Thanks!
  7. I found a loose wire in the serial connector that plugs into the computer. Now it works fine. Thanks for all of the help everyone!
  8. I apologize profusely, there was a loose fiber cable. I was confused because you mentioned unfastening the cables and my cables are not secured (lazy previous tech?). Also, I'm old and fat and didn't want to have to get at the Image Processing Board. Anyway, that appears to have fixed the 6901 error and again I apologize. Now I have to figure out why the QSSShutdown runs as the colorimeter initializes.
  9. I'm sorry if I appear difficult. I'm trying to avoid pulling the Image Processing PCB since it's a lot of work. The lower drawer pulled out without needing to release anything; that's why I'm confused. The tray was out and not reinstalled while we were replacing boards. The first board that we received was bad. A replacement board worked, but that's when the 6901 error started. During this whole time the tray was out and not moved. That's why I am questioning the need to pull the Image Processing Board. Perhaps you are confusing the Printer Power Supply that I'm working on with the Multi Power Supply that is under the Image Processing Board? I will check the fiber cables to the Image Processing Board however, since they are the only ones left that haven't been checked.
  10. I am still getting the 6901-0080 error. I have not yet checked the Image Processing PCB connectors since none of the work performed was anywhere close to that section.
  11. Unfortunately, that didn't fix it. I pulled the computer and reseated all of the expansion cards. While I had it out, I made sure that the ArcNet sockets were nice and clean. Also trimmed the ends of the fiber cables using the correct trimmer.
  12. What exactly is reconnecting the arcnet in the computer? Just the fiber cables? They were never removed nor touched in any way during this board replacement.
  13. I still am wondering why it happened when the board was replaced. The board is on the tray that pulls out of the bottom of the machine along with the Scanner & MLVA lamp power supplies. There are no arcnet cables involved. Also, this is when the Proceeding, One Moment Please issue started.
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