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  1. Hi I have a frontier 355 lp1500 from a couple of days I have the problem that the prints of the band 15.2 does not come out perfectly straight. Why? Is nip roller the problem? thank you so much
  2. Thanks , in Italy asked me € 5000 for replacement laser 32. I have already changed the laser 4 years ago .. How Long Should a laser ? On average we print 1,200 copies per day ..
  3. Hi, I would like some advice, I have a 3201 sd with s4, let me turn to a 3702hd ls1100 for two reasons: 1 does not have problems of laser 2 better print quality and color profile to be given to the customer I should give my supplier a difference of 26,000 Euros. my 3201 again starts giving error 6105 error state laser light source B. I also have a frontier355 and thought the 3702 to switch to a single machine. what should I do?
  5. Hello Bennys I bought it from here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ON-SEMICONDUCTOR-STK672-040-E-DRIVER-MOTOR-STEPPER-45VIN-1-5A-/171119473092?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:IT:3160 looks the same, if you need help please contact me. greetings
  6. I changed the driver that controls M541. PROBLEM SOLVED thanks to all I hope my information is helpful to all
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eywqqbztxlf8z0u/scheda%20pdc20.jpg I bought STK672-040-E - DRIVER, which will replace it as soon as it arrives, as I read that manual is the driver U44 on the pdc20 board but unfortunately there is silicone that hides me the number of the driver. Does anyone know what is the right position? I include photos on the link to dropbox Thank's a lot
  8. for 5 days the frontier worked perfectly, yesterday crashed and took over the defect that the M541 engine has started to turn on the contrary, I restarted the frontier and it worked well, today is a tragedy hangs constantly. but if it was the fault of the board should not always PDC20 not work? sorry for the English is not perfect. Now I try to disconnect and reconnect the pdc20 knows it's just a bad contact
  9. hi, yesterday I had a similar problem had in the past on the 350, error w-2401, the paper does not advance in section 4-5, I went to setup and mantenimance, printer adjustament / mantenimance, printer i / o check, I tried to move (drive / stop) M541, repeatedly worked well but sometimes turning in the opposite direction!! on the 350 I had the similar problem but the M541 did not work completely, I had to change a drive on pdc20. Today the machine worked properly. What do you think? does anyone know if M541 can turn in the opposite direction and who controls it? THANK YOU
  10. Alex Merola

    fuji 350

    Thanks but I tried to restart the system but the problem continues and even on different days in Italy some technicians told me that could be fma20 circuit boards What do you think? THANKS
  11. Alex Merola

    fuji 350

    Hi I have this problem on a Frontier 350 (see two files) sometime prints show a lack of resolution as if they were solarized... someone had a similar problem? Thanks
  12. Hello my friend in Italy with digital laser noritsu has sometimes this problem.. I don't know if is the laser unit..Can you help me? I attach two files Thanks
  13. thanks christina,ghn,abdul.. but I don't understand what I can do.. Fuji want 3000 euro for MS,and 2000 euro for a computer with c4/c5 that I have.. Abdul says that c4/c5 on win-xp but only as a client computer,ghn says that there is a person that use c4/c5 in xp,fuji give to me a new computer with c4/c5 in xp and say that is good, christina says that fe is better.. (think) What do you use and do you know where buy original software if is necessary new or used, I have also a noritsu 3201 there isn't a software that is compatible with fuji a noritsu? THANKS and sorry for all my prob
  14. this is the original message from fuji: Frontend PC (C4/C5,FE and MS Software) NEC –ML470 Core2Duo E8400-3,0 Ghz-4GB Chassis NEC Micro Tower µBTX250W Azalia (monitor escluso) Motherboard ML470 mBTXQ35-D0 µBTX Video-LAN-Audio 2 rear output USB CPU Intel Core2 Duo E8400-3,0 Ghz LGA 775 / 6MB cache /FSB 1333MHz/FSB 1333 MHz RAM Memory 4GB DDR2-667 SDRAM (2x2GB) 250GB SATA 2 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive (First HDD) 250GB SATA 2 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive (Second HDD) DVD+R9 Writer 16X SATA LAN Controller Onbo
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