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  1. In the other post, how do you "clean the MLVA unit tube"? Could the dirt be on it? We ran 2, 3, & 4 uniformity pattern. We get the error 6088-0011 on 2 and 6088-0013 on 3 No error on 4. Thin line still remains. The Service Manual Says this about the errors?? 0010 to 0017 Error in adjusting at shipping (it does not occur in the market) The Prints look perfect otherwise. Very uniform on solid gray no banding or other lines. The line just showed up the next morning after shutdown the night before. We had not even been running the Uniformity for about a year becaus
  2. Thanks for answering back so fast Dave! We did clean the MLVA head with alcohol and cleaned the exposure advance area, just tried again to make sure. Looked at both and can't see anything. Is this what can happen when the MLVA fails? Or is it possible it just has a corruption in the data? We did run a daily setup on another paper type and it's still there. Are there files that are common to all four paper types? What else can we try? Are we the last lab that still has a 2901 working LOL? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hello All, We started getting a white line. After running the standard Uniformity the line got about 1/3 thinner but remains after multiple Uniformity runs. See photos below. Look at the magenta section showing the A B sections. One is blank, the other look darker. What is causing this?
  4. We just bought a used HS 1800 - EZ Controller and it's not doing a very good job centering the frames compared to our very old 2901. It's especially bad on under expose film. It has adjustment arrows to center the frame but is has no effect we assume because it's has already scanned the frame? How can we adjust the scanner to more accurately find the frames edges and why have the adjustments in the interface if it's too late.
  5. If we wanted to do the tilt - swing and optical axes alignments we need the scanner adjustment charts from Noritsu the135 - $231 and the 120 at $465!. Does anyone sell used ones? Can they be rented? Is it just a pice of film with a special image on it?
  6. Can this be fixed in the field? Seems to not have the problem with slides.
  7. Changing the directory does not give an option to change the formatting of the file names that I can see. Right no when we scan we get a directory for each roll with the scan files in. The directory is named 00001234 where the 1234 is the order number. Then the scan files for each frame on the roll are named 000012340001.jpg. We want to drop the leading 4 "0"'s so we have 1234001.jpg
  8. Can you shorten the directory and file names when scanning with EZ Controller and an HS-1800. We want to drop the leading 0000 on the directory and the file names.
  9. When we turn on Digital Ice using an HS-1800 Scanner and EZ Controller we see darker gray shadows offset from the dust in the same shape as the dust.
  10. Hello, Does anyone know what is causing this type of banding on a Noritsu 2901? The photos are 12" paper moving side to side. Thanks:)
  11. We have a 2901 that is now printing with way to much over spill from the net order interface. A number of years ago we had to rip files at 402 DPI on our ZBE rendering software just so we did not get small white borders in the print randomly. Now even at 400 prints are over spilling way too much. We know about the reduction in the channels but we need to fix the net order interface. It's like a tech changed something a few years ago and the printing engine is printing everything bigger in the net order and the CT mode. We print police photos that need to be exact size. It printed the exact siz
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