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  1. Thanks coloursphotographics, I'm still stucked . I've reinstalled backups even the one that come allong with the machine from China but still no solution. My Dcarrier is having an epson led 0539 and kitinterface ver 3.58, working on a norritsu 2301 with a software ver A030. Please if you can have any information of help, I'm waiting. Please do also do let me have the address of the guy in Lithuani? Thanks
  2. sed

    D carrier

    I've been mailing Mr Sait of Istanbul to avail. If anyone can help me get to him it'll be of help Thanks
  3. Hi all I'll like to have exchange with D carrier users My minilab delays about 2mins before extracting paper and so printing is too slow. The colour is not the best Please help
  4. sed

    needs system discs

    Hi forum mebers, I'm having problems with my 2301 working with a Dcarrier. After the comand to to print is given the suction fan starts blowing but paper is extracted two minutes later before exposition. If anyone can help I'm anciously waiting. I tried to upgrade the software from A012 but used H017and finallythe minilab nomore exposes. I'll be gratefull alsoto recieve any available software that can worh Thanks
  5. sed

    defective software

    The software of fuji minilab sfa-250 pp1250v is defective and i need the system drivers. I happened to clear the e-prom 271A8501260 of the CTL03 v1.0-0 and the diskette i have is unable to re-initialize the system. The power/timer switch is not working. I need help
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