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  1. i did it many times but red line still appears beside all black colors in any photo may be i did not anderstand the instruction clearly please help
  2. do you mean copying data from/to laser gun ?? i have G-laser lose data , by a mistake i did befor, when i turned printer on while G-laser is unpluged i would be happy
  3. dear is this message refers to (6) (1) paper jam ? open the upper door and put something in the lock to print while it opened , then watch if the distribution working but not raising paper or it is not working not (not moving left & right) this happend for one of tow couses:- 1-the sensor after laser beam area doesnt give an order to the distribution to work and move paper side.. clean sensors (this sensors is directly befor distribution area , one up & one is down ,you can see the down sensor by removing the cover from top of magazine room ) 2- or the distribution is moving but it doesnt raising paper and move it side, this happened when the air pump is not working properly :- turn distribution on , put small paper on the pads if paper is not sticks check if it is because the valve open/close switch relay (inside distributor) or because the air pumb , unplug the pipes beside distributor to check if ther is air vacume by your finger if i could help send me email on soofezzzz@yahoo.com because im not here for a long
  4. safsaf

    error to laser unit

    you can check the tempreture in which the laser or chemicals should work , coz i think the tempreture goes high then it doesnt work properly while it will not stop or gives an error because it didnt reach to the limitation yet , you can change the limits of tepreture by maintenance and setup
  5. this password enables most of options (myia) or (mayia)
  6. clean the mirrors and the polygon surface and all the classes parts inside the laser unit also the shutter (coz peices of cork becomes aroud the shutter somtimes )
  7. safsaf

    fuji 370 part list

    hi all i have a fuji 370 and i have no list with the numbers of parts i have broken power supply and tierd of looking for the number to buy one any one can give me some help my e-mail is safsafsoofe@yahoo.com
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