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  1. question, if i have 3701 and 38 series, can both machines controlled by one computer ? so i do not need 2 operators
  2. what is the ddiference between 37 and 39 series, except for RHoS
  3. Hello,I bought an Epson surelab d870 printer for business,I installed inks and used until it(ink) finished,it took me awhile to get the next set of inks,however,when I installed the new inks,the printer is is no longer printing,I did all the nozzle cleaning but nothing is printing.I suspect the print head got bad,I want to buy it but I am having difficulty with support in my country,is it the same print head with the sl d700 or how can I get the right print head and have my technicians fix it.thank

  4. just reset it with service softwarethen you aregood to go...but honestly i never seen this printer reaching this point,most of my customer dump this printer way less than that. they already BEP their investment, so instead of repair broken printer, they got a new one with new warranty. But let say you want to keep using the printer at that point, you should replace all piping unit, dumper etc before reset it, but mostly only reset the printer is fine.
  5. the problem is not the printhead, it's always the pump that gone bad first,because the pump is bad, it caused a lot of air into the dumper. replace the the pump and make sure the dumper is free from air than you're good to go. i had this expensive lesson before. for start you can check the dumper first, make sure there's only inks not air inside.
  6. check the ink dumper, make sure the ink is full in the dumper.
  7. nope it's not related to paper movement, it's data corrupted. posibility is printer cable, flexible head cable or the worst thing is mainboard failed
  8. once i my friend after replacing AOM from China, a month later the laser gun failed, is it coincidence or AOM from china caused that fail ? i dont know, but i prefer used original AOM, or refurbished original AOM than new one but from China
  9. Noritsu, it's no brainer....Fujifilm is dead
  10. before doing anything, check your chemical first, do a proper control strip first
  11. measure the black lines from paper leading edge, make sure it's always at the same spot,if it happened only for long print check paper advance unit , see if there is something broke or irregular movement
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