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  1. if the absorber is maintenance tank, for cheap trick when original or non original not find, use tampon/woman sanitary pad. it work perfectly even better than origanal absorber,
  2. Looking back at D700 and D830 ( we have both machines) both printer has issue on durability and parts, mostly weak pump, ink house leaking etc. Print head itself is OK but user mostly mistaken when they have erratic clogging they do more more cleaning and destroy the printhead, the problem itself is weak pump that cause regular clogging. With new D1070, i will not hope any differences. We purchased DE100 few years back, and so far is this printer more industrial than feel cheap Epson, you can clean printhead with a single color so it won't waste more inks. Unless you need double side printer. in my opinion, go with DE100.
  3. Forget Dianostic Cleaning, it's unreliable. Turn it off. Never do more than twice power cleaning in arow or 3 times normal cleaning in row. between each cleaning let rest for 15 min. longer is better. after 2x power cleaning nothing changed let it rest overnight and try again the next day. If still doesn't change, check the ink dumper, make sure it's full of inks and no air inside, if it does try manually suck the ink using syringe. usually it's a bad pump, the printhead is very robust. But because user do erratic cleaning, it can damage the print head. in the other hand, this printer pump is very bad quality, if it's fail people thinks the printhead is broken first. make sure you always have spare pump, it's cheap. My printer already done 200 k printing maybe more, at the first year, i changed printhead every 5000k prints because that erratic cleaning, now i know my print head can last more than 30k prints...but i change pump many times
  4. cek light leak, probably from led in pcb ora worn foam
  5. if i had to choose between those two, i will go for Noritsu, it's no brainer even noritsu uses Epson Technology. if i had to get a new machine,i will never even considered Fujifilm as a choice, (wet or dry lab) for example, why would you buy DL650than a Epson D3000 ? go with epson d3000, it's cheaper,inks more easy to find...the downside is Epson OC software is very bad,but once you're familiar with it, you'll be fine.
  6. worth to try, ditch fujifilm software, use Noritsu Software. Fujifilm software never been updated for years, we get better prints after using Noritsu Software, all new paper profiles are there.
  7. first of all, NEVER do Power clean more than 2x in a row, it will destroy your head. If after first power clean you got nothing, keep the printer idle for few minutes, longer is better. After 2nd power clean and you still got nothing, take out the ink dumper and makes sure you have inks inside, if you have not ink, pull it using syringe. Mostly the printhead is fine, the problem is weak pump. the head get destroyed because excessive power clean.
  8. question, if i have 3701 and 38 series, can both machines controlled by one computer ? so i do not need 2 operators
  9. what is the ddiference between 37 and 39 series, except for RHoS
  10. Hello,I bought an Epson surelab d870 printer for business,I installed inks and used until it(ink) finished,it took me awhile to get the next set of inks,however,when I installed the new inks,the printer is is no longer printing,I did all the nozzle cleaning but nothing is printing.I suspect the print head got bad,I want to buy it but I am having difficulty with support in my country,is it the same print head with the sl d700 or how can I get the right print head and have my technicians fix it.thank

  11. just reset it with service softwarethen you aregood to go...but honestly i never seen this printer reaching this point,most of my customer dump this printer way less than that. they already BEP their investment, so instead of repair broken printer, they got a new one with new warranty. But let say you want to keep using the printer at that point, you should replace all piping unit, dumper etc before reset it, but mostly only reset the printer is fine.
  12. the problem is not the printhead, it's always the pump that gone bad first,because the pump is bad, it caused a lot of air into the dumper. replace the the pump and make sure the dumper is free from air than you're good to go. i had this expensive lesson before. for start you can check the dumper first, make sure there's only inks not air inside.
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