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  1. Just replace the PH, i know mostly fujifilm overcharged for everything, you just need to find other seller with fair price,
  2. i see banding on your nozzle check prints, PH is not that expensive
  3. what is the paper movement ? try to print various size and same image, see if the banding always the same. If the banding crossed to ph movement, and the banding always at the same spot try clean roller
  4. how to test it ? just want to make sure
  5. one day we print 8x10 with 90% area is black,suddenly at the end of print, picture looks like run out of ink (black ink is at 30%), did nozzle check the black inks completelty gone , did normal cleaning black inks is 90% back, but other colour SB and M is more 50% dot missing (before that all color but black are OK), did normal clean again for 3rd times, all color back but one channel B is miising, two channel M are missing and 1 channel Y is missing. Turn of the printer let it rest for overnight. next morning, did nozzle check stillthe same B-1 M-2 Y-1, didi normal clean for 3 times is s
  6. first measure it from edge of paper, make sure it always the same place, from that see service manual, from there you can find caused of banding
  7. purnomosetiawan

    help me

    it's looks like light leak on your magazine, or maybe you had a bad batch paper. I had this problem, whole roll paper is damage, although the packaging is ok, it's always on the side
  8. D1005 isn't like cheap drylab, it's too complicated to handle without proper knowledge,if replacing PH is too expensive, than i suggest you sell it as it is or sell it as a parts, magazine,sorter,boards, even cutter worth the money, and replaced it with simple printer like Epson D800 series, which i believe with minimum knowledge you'll be able to handle it by yourself...
  9. yes, if clog pattern always the same after cleaning, i'm 90% sure it's PH problem, i wish you're dealing with other 10%, PH is very expensive.
  10. the black line is because overlapping image, your paper movement is not right, it's stops for a while...
  11. keeping turning printer on not related to PH damage, mine always turn off after working hour, what i've learnt from using drylab for years, NEVER do cleaning printhead in a row, always rest the print head at least 15 minutes (longer is better) if you have to do cleaning again.
  12. yup, i've been replacing PH several times, get PH from Epson, all PH is dry, seal and labeled
  13. clean it with dry paper towel, let paper towel absorbs inks, it's seems, your paper touch that absorbtion pad, see big stain on the right, and the that wet ink touches the roller, that's the dot come from
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