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  1. is that mean the new type can be fixed ?
  2. E-9901 is fatal error A printer system error occurred. Delete all print jobs remaining in the operating system's print queue. Turn the printer off. Check if there is any paper remaining inside the printer, and then turn the printer back on. Contact service support if the error continues to occur.
  3. 1102 is error for tube maintenance, just reset tube value
  4. anyone knoews the new part number for fuji dx100/d700, i'm looking the revised Right Ink House, i only have the old part which was has serious defect, and i know epson revised this part but i dont have the number. thank you
  5. coba tetap di scan, apakah gambarnya tersimpan dengan baik, kalau gambarnya tetap tersimpan dengan baik kemungkinan besar masalah di software (PC), coba direstore dulu softwarenya paling buruk diinstall ulang saja .
  6. Yup, here they sells real Noritsu minilabs, because here nobody wants to buy 550r maybe except new user, ameteur photograper which are the end customers doesn't like the result from Fuji Frontier 550/570, they will search lab that has Noritsu machines..once a new lab that has 550r new from Fuji, they sell 3 months old minilab and get noritsu machines, because the cant get ameteur photographer comes to their lab 3000 USD for OC full ?? well here epson throw it for free with their surelab printer
  7. some has contract services, they paid a lot of money, when when something broke, they get chinese spare parts...i've seen that a lot
  8. i see problem from the Black at the bottom nozzle check pattern, see also "Nozzle Check "written at the bottom, it's fired but deviated, probably dirty PH, try clean your wiper blade, or maybe you are using non OEM inks?
  9. i thinks it's light leak, you know that 3501 has backward paper movement ? the part when it's comes out first from dryer is actually the end of paper, so actually the smear starts from straight and that's "off smear" actualy is the end of paper
  10. yes with old software, very outdated here Fujifilm now sells Noritsu Minilab....yes Noritsu Minilab, not Noritsu Made minilab with Fujifilm Software, imagine Toyota sells Z4 instead Supra...ha ha hah Here you can get Order Controller, and Service Software....sometimes when your printer still in warranty, if you get trouble, they just send you a new printer and take the old back. i had that before
  11. Yeah, in Fujifilm world, price can be different ..here for country with 300 miilion peoples, they only run small office, so maybe they need to made a lot money, i've heard once a customer bought frontier 550 just because they said it's the newest model from Fuji...
  12. Here at my place DE100 Printhead cost more than $1.000, and avaibilty not that good, you need to wait several weeks maybe months to get it DX100 using PH from D700/d800 cost not more than $200, and with hundreds of Epson Centre, you can get it as easy as 123 And when some people says that PH from DX100 fragile, i found myself dead after almost 100k prints and i prints a lot 8x10. The one that fragile is capping unit, and i replace it once a year , it's cheap not more than $50. so when dx100 user experience a lot clogging, it's not the PH , it's the capping station. DE100 in
  13. Just replace the PH, i know mostly fujifilm overcharged for everything, you just need to find other seller with fair price,
  14. i see banding on your nozzle check prints, PH is not that expensive
  15. what is the paper movement ? try to print various size and same image, see if the banding always the same. If the banding crossed to ph movement, and the banding always at the same spot try clean roller
  16. how to test it ? just want to make sure
  17. one day we print 8x10 with 90% area is black,suddenly at the end of print, picture looks like run out of ink (black ink is at 30%), did nozzle check the black inks completelty gone , did normal cleaning black inks is 90% back, but other colour SB and M is more 50% dot missing (before that all color but black are OK), did normal clean again for 3rd times, all color back but one channel B is miising, two channel M are missing and 1 channel Y is missing. Turn of the printer let it rest for overnight. next morning, did nozzle check stillthe same B-1 M-2 Y-1, didi normal clean for 3 times is s
  18. first measure it from edge of paper, make sure it always the same place, from that see service manual, from there you can find caused of banding
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