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  1. i have 3501 for 3years, suddenty this afternood it has yellow ghosty image. my tech by phone told me that laser unit is fail and need to be replaced. it scare me to death, my machined never error before (any error), never replace AOM or something like that. Could it be the AOM unit not the laser ? thanks for your help
  2. what's your fuji tech said ? Laser is one of posibility, but i hope it's not the laser... is there any laser calibrating menu in Frontier ? (sorry i don't have frontier minilab, i use Noritsu)...In noritsu minilab, if you're not satisfied with your print you can always calibrate the laser with laser calibrating menu.......I ever see how frontier works (my sister have Frontier340), everytime you change magazine, frontier always feed a small amount of paper, is it (feed paper) also yellowish ? if the feed papers are yellowish (it;s sound crazy) but maybe there is a leak on exposure deck so little unwanted light enter the exposure deck.
  3. try to feed the paper without printing or use colourstrip box with good paper inside. If the yellowishn still occured it's possible your chemical is not right, if you believe your chemical is OK, maybe try diffrent brand/batch of paper, maybe your current paper is getting expired.
  4. i have 3501 now using printchem chemical because it's cheap. Can anybody tell me what is the normal temperatur and replenish amount (both CD and BF) for this type of chemichal. TQ
  5. agree, i think your "dust proof glass is dirty", if you had clean it and this line still occured maybe the dirty part is the inside.
  6. No messages/alarm....what is TX-RX through LVDS ? is it possible that this happened because of LAN /Computer Network ? because 2 days before i just reorganize my network.
  7. This morning when i printed with qss 3501, nothing appear in the paper, the output is only blank/white paper. Then i restared my system, it went back normal again. Can anybody tell me what happent ? i'm affraid it's laser problem ? or is it a symptom before AOM fail ?
  8. I need 3501 service book, can anyone help me ?
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