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  1. Hi syedshuvo, this text looks like text from a back printing. You're seeing in the back of the picture or ON the picture? Please, tell minilab brand and model.
  2. Neil, in advance thanks for this great and resourcefull site. It helped me so much! I wish you sucess in everyting that you do from now.
  3. Hi Neil, any hint if the new owners will keep the site as it is or there will be a total modification of the model?
  4. Hi Emrah, sorry I think I'v missunderstood your question. Reading your question again, I'm trying to guess where is the problem. Seems that the "white spots" (sclera) of the eyes are not showing on the printed photo. Check to see if the prints are as sharp the thermal printer. If they are not sharp, maybe the sclera of your photos is bluring over other parts of the photo (ie: pupils), resulting in not appearing on prints. If this is the case (hopefully if I understood your question), maybe a fine adjustment of the laser can fix (see maintenance menu). OBS: My knowledge about minilabs is very weak af the moment. I'm noob yet, but trying to help. But this is a problem may occour with all types of printers when the prints when they're blured.
  5. Hy emrah yamak, maybe you should format the photo in Photoshop in the exact size and resolution you want (ie: 4x5cm, 300 ppi) and then send the photo in the DI Controller as "no resize". That is what I make, and I don't have any problems. Seems that this is a photo formating problem. When formating in Photoshop, double check the "resolution" field, because "300 ppi" is easily mistaken with "300ppc" and if you sent a 300ppc photo in "no resize" to the frontier you photo will result large, as you're describing.
  6. Hello shutter, I'm writing just to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You're right on the spot, very good "tech sniper" ! I followed your explanation and the image that you posted. I also cleaned the 3 sensors linked to the electromagnet S770 and now everthing is ok. Your knowledge was invaluable. Unfortunatelly, as I'm just a worker, my resources are limited. I know that you don't expect nothing and your hint was "from heart", but at least let me pay you a beer as a thankfull gesture. Send me paypal information in private and make me happy to have oportunity to show my gratitude. Some great and very helpfull user here sometime posted a message in that forum, about people that come here asking for help and don't even thank when they get that help. That made me think about: "Everyone want to take.... no one want to give". We need more thankfullness in the world.
  7. Hi people, I know that this topic is old, but as is fixed and the link still broken I wanted to help. I'v tested so many softwares for image recovering these years, as amateur customers keep accidentally deleting photos. I tryed Recuva, Easy Photo Recovery, GetData and others... I can say, without any doubt, the best is the PhotoREC, a free and open source sotfware based in DOS. I even done a "home benchmark" and tested these software in a heavilly corrupted SD card and the PhotoREC obtained not only more photos, but more valid, uncorrupted files. You can download it at the original website: https://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec
  8. Hello people, My Frontier 350 gone totally crazy and the photos of all sizes started to exit in the large tray instead to exiting in the SU-1100Y sorter as normally should. No error messages. I noticed that the photos are exting curved. No other symptoms. Just that. Some ideas about what can be? I should call a doctor or we can cure with homemade medicine?
  9. Thank you for your information Minilab service. I will try that at the start of 2019, because here its graduation season, my company works with graduation photography... too many things to print now...
  10. Now I see my ignorance... Thank you for your enlightenment, Minilab service!
  11. Hi people, Maybe its a silly question... but why not to ask? I want to delete 2 unnused user accounts ("x" and "xx" as show on the photo i've taken) on SP2000 PC Frontier 350. This accounts were created by the former owner of the minilab and we don't need it anymore as SE2 have all privilegies to acess the menus. There is a way do that without formating? Just because its anoying to see these "phanton" accounts every time that I need logging on.
  12. But as far as I know, the MS01 needs a overall adjustment of the system, like updating the operational system to Windows 7 and updating the SP2000 computer. There is a step by step requirement and instalation guide to this?
  13. I may have the same problem, and I use the version 5.5-0E-953K (more up to date than maher's). When I click in the "HDD" button on FE-IN, the program takes about 30seconds to respond and open the image selection screen. I Have a Frontier 350. Any kind soul can give me some light? Maybe there is a more up to date version of this software and I don't know.
  14. thiago.hdp

    DI C4C5

    Please, send me the patch for XP. gustavofotoscentro@gmail.com Thanks in advice!! - Thiago
  15. I want to thank you all for the tips!! Unfortunatelly my Frontier gone "offline" about 1 week until the belt reached here. If i had read your tips this time would not be lost. But next time I know. Seens aluminium tape is the best temporary solution. Thanks for tips!
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