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  1. fehd

    I hope you are well ?

    PLEASE I'm looking for instaling C4C5 on win xp or win 7

    please to send me :
    1)Easy SCSI



    4)C4C5 new version

    5)patch win XP

    6)patch  DIC

    my a-mail : fehdboum17@gmail.com

    Thank you very very very mutch in advance for your help.

  2. Kazz3

    DI C4C5

    It is a long story.... I am actually busy loading one now. Close the C4C5 on the Win2000 Frontend. Right click the MSSQL icon in the bottom tray. Select ‘stop’ and ‘exit’. Now, open the ‘C’ drive, open ‘F-DIA’ folder and copy ‘CnvServer1’ and ‘CnvServer2’ to a folder on another drive, cd or Flash stick. Install XP PC SP2 or 3, doesn’t matter. Install the same as for WIN2000, i.e. computer name ‘FRONTEND’, user ‘FRONTIER’, password ‘FRONTIER’ and ‘MICSGROUP’, etc. Install ASPI 471a2 for XP. Reboot. Install MSDE and reboot. Install C4C5 ver. 5.5 as per normal. DO NOT REBOOT WHEN DONE
  3. Kazz3

    DI C4C5

    Server can also work on Xp. I have done it.
  4. Kazz3

    SP6 for C4/C5

    Does anyone have SP6 (ver5.5-eo-960) for C4/C5? I saw that it was available on the Fuji site. It adds proper operation on core 2 pc's and has several fixes for running C4C5 on XP properly
  5. Kazz3

    370 Losing Data

    thanks, Ive tried it. Doesn't work. Also, why is the scanner losing data if it is the printer battery?
  6. Kazz3

    DI C4C5

    please send me patches too zach@ezisolutions.co.za
  7. Kazz3

    370 Losing Data

    Hi Guys Thanks so much for the assistance in the past. I have a curious problem today. It involves a Frontier 370. Every now and then it loses all its setup parameters. The scanner and the printer. The printer is totally out of calibration and the scanner is missing focusing tables and various settings. Once I reload the whole system using the backup floppy disks it is all fine for a few days, until one morning it is all gone again. This has happened three times in the last month. Any ideas anyone, please.
  8. It was the AOM driver I am curious about learning more reagarding the laser. Thank you again for all the assistance!
  9. Kazz3

    Cleaning fluid

    I use domestic bleach (sodium hypochlorite). Make sure it is if a good quality. (Stay away from cheap brands and use non scented bleach) Remove racks and drain chemistry and wash. Add 2-4Litres bleach to each tank, and then fill up with luke-warm water to the top. (Brim of tank) Switch processor on and run for 1 hour. Scrub tanks with a scourer pad. (The type you would use for dishes) All the muck and stains are removed. RINCE TANKS WELL ESPECIALLY THE DEV TANK. Fill tanks with fresh water and run processor to rinse bleach out of pipes, etc.
  10. How do I check the laser? I need your training.
  11. Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your input!!! I sent the image to Eugene at www.minilablaser.com. He explained to me how to test the AOM on the 570 and it turned out to be the AOM. I am much more familiar with the Frontier 370, 375 and 390 and needed some assistance with the 570.
  12. I also thought it was the dev. I fogged a piece of paper and pushed it through the processor. the fogged area came out perfectly black. If it was low dev or contamination would the fogged paper not come out blue as well?
  13. Hi, I have a problem on a 570 Frontier. The black has gone blue. No error messages were displayed and the cyan, magenta and yellow are displayed normally on the upkeep print. Is it the AOM driver? Please give me some input.
  14. Kazz3


    do a sensor check, you might have a faulty sensor in the carrier
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