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  1. Color Developer Startup Chemicals P1 A+B x 4 boxes Bleach-fix Startup Chemicals P2 A+B x 4 boxes
  2. Check up that colour of solution Р1 was dark green. If it red-brown - change chemistry
  3. There is nothing Can use that that at you is
  4. http://turbobit.net/yr5gy5t2chz0.html p.29-p.40
  5. tolik197

    A1 7.7 needed

    A1 ver. 7.7 http://turbobit.net/9pw4kwddwx18.html
  6. When you reinstall software - the printer should be switched off, it start automatically
  7. To establish Windows, and after that anew to establish all software
  8. Does Frontier 500 have UPS inside? no You work from one DIC on 2 frontier??? The timer at you is exposed in the menu 1621 Click the [setup and Maintenance] → [15 Printer Maintenance] → [1520 Printer Maintenance Startup] → [16 System Operation Setup and Check] → [1621 Timer Setup] → [Enter] buttons. Best regards. Tolik
  9. Hi Hiro How you switch off the frontier? If not through post operation chek it does not join. What is the time the frontierworks for you? When and how problems have begun? How many years to the frontier? Whether is at you UPS?
  10. system program kit ver.2.12.001 http://turbobit.net/download/folder/1051564 Which programs are necessary to you?
  11. tolik197

    need your help

    Concerning your error: above there is a button the OM, press it and remove all orders at different windows. After that the error should disappear
  12. If history of lasers - equal, laser section in a good condition. But even in this case a guarantee that the section will work long will give nobody. It is desirable, that the laser operating time was less than 3000 hours though on 370 you such likely won't find
  13. All software in English. On the right above the switch from Russian on English. There only one document in Russian - requirements to the computer, but is all is in an adjusting manual
  14. SOFT MS for FRONTIER http://turbobit.net/download/folder/1036809
  15. And in what tank does not add some water???
  16. Is better cancel the order for viewing of gauges, after water addition rearrange the remained photos
  17. No. This absolutely different software
  18. Hello. After plum of a cartridge not printing enter into the menu 0642 Processor I/O Check and check up a condition of gauges fs740,741 and 742, they should be in position yes. If it not so add waters in a compartment of a cartridge before gauge operation. From left to right Р1, Р2А, Р2В
  19. I am sorry. I will not reach in any way office to lay out a disk for you
  20. tolik197

    Sp 3000

    If the scanner is started from the computer button check contacts in the button
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