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  1. Hello THI. The first thing you need to do is check the elevator in output check to see if the gear that spins the elevator isn't broken. If everything is ok, you need, before making the mixing steps, reset the lack time of the process within the processor menu.
  2. It doesn't really work. You need correct your monitor.
  3. Hi Minilab Service. How i can do this??
  4. Hello Srs. Please, I need to set up a power pcb where I can turn the laser gun on and off to test. I have the B / G laser driver J391231 . I know that the power comes from the laser I / O through 5VDC on the j / p 1655 and j / p 1665 connector. If I connect only the 5VDC of this PCB, will the laser already turn on? Thank You Very Much
  5. Good Morning Thiago Souza! You may have to fix your monitor instead of adding density to the paper correction.
  6. I had to upgrade the PC to processor I5 and replace the motherboard, but this motherboard does not support windows 2000.
  7. Good Morning My friends. I need work with the Net Order Connection in 3501 without EZ COntroller, but this program don't work in Win XP. What can I do to this? Thank you so much
  8. How do I do this procedure  NPIPLVUP...?
  9. Hello friend, I am from Venezuela. 


    I have the same problem with the I / F PCB in a 3702. I manage to solve ..? had to buy the card ..?

    1. CesarBR


      Hi my friend

      I have make the change of this pcb... 


  10. Dear sirs. where can I get version 6.72 of the EZ for download? Thanks so much
  11. With the local network I have communication, but with the board I do not have.Even using the Display Module, nothing appears ...This occurred after the upgrade to version 16.1 of the Qss Printer.
  12. Hello Srs. I am facing a problem with a printer if pcb of the qss3702hd device. I was updating the printer version to 16.10 and failed to update the PCB and abnormal termination occurred during the process. After that, I could not communicate with the PCB. I tried to run the NPIPLVUP file without success. I removed the battery and reset the CMOS without success. Do you have any suggestions to help me? Thanks a lot for the help!!
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