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  1. After all above you need register it... step1.Before registration you must put that folder with your new frame, and thename of the folder must the same as the name of frame (look name of .ovl file). Put it in the directory C:\downloads\Template\Overlay\(The folder with frames (look in .ovl file)). If you will not put in in it's own folder you will not be able to do next step. step2. The registration is easy. Youh have to go to the setup and maintenance in Fuji on the computer where you will use your frame and where you located it. go to 10 Register/Delete then 1021 Template Register/Delete. Find out the frame group (it's the same as folder names in C:\downloads\Template\Overlay\). Register it and it will be shown in the frame list.
  2. You can take the old your frame... firstly copy it's folder to another place. Give him new name.but don't erase the part where worte 001-6r... Open ovl with notepad. replace all ald names with new one. It will look like [DESCRIPTION] DESIGN_AUTHOR="FUJI PHOTO FILM" DESIGN_GROUP="Rotat_SVADBI" DESIGN_TITLE="Name-001-6R" DESIGN_ID="Name-001-6R" DESIGN_PRINTSIZE="6x7inch(152x216mm)" OVERLAY_SIZE=2160,1520 THUMBNAIL_FILE="Name-001-6R-TM.BMP" [COMPOSITION] OVERLAY_TYPE=1 OVERLAY_FILE_Y="Name-001-6RH.BMP" OVERLAY_FILE_T="Name-001-6RV.BMP" [TITLE0] After save it..... And now open all bmp files in photoshop.... change image mode RGB.... Make new frame from it ... Then change image mode again to Index color (Local Perceptual; 100 colors) save it on BMP...except TM file...there no need to change it to Index color...it will work....if there will be any question my e-mail : bagirov_ruslan_f@mail.ru
  3. Hi everyone. Can anybody send the "Template Editing Tool" programmes? Thanks asvanced. my e-mail : bagirov_ruslan_f@mail.ru
  4. are you using scanner SP or FMPC-Server system. If you using Scanner then maybe you have problem falometr (in back side of scanner). but fmpc-server then maybe you have problem directly in laser.
  5. Hi everyone... I have one problem with fuji frontier 370 LP 2000 SC. When i am printing photos there comming message and error w-2406 paper jam..... but when shutting off the distribution there is no problem. But i need the distribution. Does anyone how to solve this problem? Why appears this message? and what the problem?
  6. bagirov

    template lp 7500

    Hi, i have frontier lp7500.... i want to register anew template for print (size 13x18)..... i write a template using another one.... but when i want to register in "Miantence-external application-variety setup-register/delete-template-template register" it wrotes "w-ms14-1054.. the template data cannot be found.check the inserted media and specified media".... am i doing wrong? or it's real trouble.... pls help me
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