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  1. Hi... Do you talk about the machine's internal computer, which has the SCSI? It can be exchanged for another. Alves
  2. Hi... To eliminate a mechanical problem, reproduce the same horizontal and vertical photo, 6x8 and also 8x6, see how they come out. In the photo, I noticed a printing failure, it could be ink, paper failure, We have hundreds of machines sold here in Brazil and until today we have never exchanged a head unit. We are still seeing if the same will be provided by Ricoh together with the motherboard. Since there are no adjustments to be made. Next post follow service manual quality print. Alves
  3. Hi... For your report, you should have a problem with the cleaning station, or dumpers, check for ink. Head print for your report should have no problem. Compression pump would only be a problem if you had a leaky ink holder. LEANDRO ALVES Authorized technician Fujifilm Brazil
  4. CTP24 is compatible with CTP22, but CTP22 (330) can not CTP24 (340)
  5. hi... For MS not exist print parcial order, only C4C5. you can verify MS12, spool orders. Leandro
  6. Hi... If you can change I/F board, great. i have problem but machine is LP7700 and solution steps: 1 - Upgrade all board after install N1 (I use n1 3.22 - this is best) Leandro Alves
  7. Yes, but you need lot of modifications: 1 - KIT FMPC (IF you use C4/5) 2 - If use soft MS, need computer with MS PRINTER. Leandro Alves
  8. Hi... Please verify paper white and paper black (with light), i change first P1 and P2, if problem back again, change AOm, and last change laser. LEandro Alves
  9. Hi... You can make connection SP3000 + DICIII (use FIREWIRE) + LP network (5000, 7xx), but i dont know if LP5700R. Leandro Alves
  10. Hi... This version 3.1 have support Frontier DL600, but dont have different manual for line 5xx and 7xx. Leandro Alves
  11. Hi... You can install MS16, (SIX FRAME), with this soft is easy print e reorder. Leandro Alves
  12. Hi... You know install on WIN2000? Your version C4C5 is 5.5? Leandro Alves
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