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  1. Swapped the new solenoid out with the old as I've adjusted it many times, than checked every roller, made sure the chain was properly lubricated and the gears all looked in working order. Currently running properly at this time.
  2. I am slightly adjusting it as needed, it still is outputting on the upper conveyor. Will keep checking and adjusting, no jams in the dryer rack. Also, is there a way to run the daily setup without use of the lower output guide?
  3. Recently replaced the upper solenoid in the dryer rack, which had been failing it seems for a while. Now my prints all are not following the correct dryer guide. So they are all coming out on top to the conveyor belt. I was able to test both solenoids through the function menus and they both seem to be working. Is there a setting that needs to be reset?
  4. I have pulled the rack and watched precisely where the paper snags at where it exits out of the printer, the foam roller there has a solid mark where prints are occasionally hitting on it, verified repeatedly as it jammed up in the same spot several times, than I pulled it and did as suggested. . The lane splitter is the other area where it catches the thicker paper. I've called the tech and am waiting for a reply. Thank you.
  5. Its a 3704G, the tech went over the machine prior to leaving and concluded we replace the rollers and had left already, while I waited for the parts to be shipped. Will be calling them up today, again.
  6. Recently had a tech out, we went over the machine and I replaced several worn out rollers to resolve a jam that was caused by worn out rollers. Today it is printing out mostly fine with my regular paper. I move to print on another paper type, use both Kodak Ektacolor, 10 inch as well as occasionally a Fujifilm Pearl paper, 10 inch. The pearl paper is thicker and this is the one I am constantly getting paper jams with. I took a few shots of the area where it is jamming up and unsure how to resolve this fully. I've ran several thousand prints on the one paper type without a hitch, its the thicker that keeps jamming up right as its nearing the exit on the dryer rack.
  7. I've been kept too busy too often to maintain the equipment I use. Usually do to deadlines, time allowed etc. Finally it looks like its paying us back, I should of stepped up when I noticed issues happening. General wear/tear and pushing the limits of the parts we have. The QSS 3704 HD we currently use has begun throwing odd paper jam errors, usually nothing jammed but a sensor tripping sometimes followed by some pictures sticking together as if they aren't flowing through the machine properly. Today it has come to a head and almost every print coming out was stuck together. Looking akin to this. I began inspecting my upper racks, found some build up, always on upper rack 5, cleaned it up. No fix, now doing lower rack inspections and noticing my sleeve rollers on first two racks are very loose, time to order new parts. Third rack and I find this, I suspect this is my main culprit, I have a replacement and will keep posted if this fixes it. (will of course be checking everything as I go along of course) PS, found the gear with the missing plastic C clip.
  8. Issue has not repeated itself since its happened. Machine will get a entire cleaning and going over this month as I've a couple other quirks I need to look into before we go back into full time production. Finding a c clip come out with prints earlier in the season has me concerned.
  9. Thank you for the reply. We powered down the machine and since powering back up it hasn't started up again. I am currently keeping an eye on it, as of right now.
  10. We've have a QSS-3704G, the clicking started today when the blower fan shuts off. Loud clicking that stops when the dryer fan comes online.
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