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  1. Thanks for replay, I read the brosure buth there is print spreed for 3R and 4R, I would like to know real speed for 5R, not what manufactor seed
  2. Does anyone know how meny pictures 5R (13x18 or 5x7) Frontier 340 print in a hour on 12.7 or 17.8 paper?
  3. Does anyone have to share or sell msp51 ? It is used to connect Epson ploter to MS01 system bolllllle@yahoo.com
  4. Does anyone have to share or sell msp51 ? bolllllle@yahoo.com
  5. I need help seting up "Printing from Print" I hear someware that I need Epson scanner fot that funkcion but I am not shure which one?
  6. Bolllllle

    Back Print

    375, i have Fe-softwer
  7. Bolllllle

    Back Print

    Is there way to make custom back print? I have only 3 to select but I would like to have only "Image Name"
  8. I need link to download not too bay
  9. I need Frontier Manager (S8), I alredy have S9
  10. tx I will tray ROM mode, I alredy open minilab buth I was noth shure what eprom is Is this in picture?
  11. S8 Frontier Menager II Software does anyone have it please send me link bolllllle@yahoo.com
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