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  1. I apologize for late response. I decided to get a wireless router and set it up and now printer is working fine not connected to anything but the router (pc to router then router to printer.) I have also upgraded to XP SP3 to give an EYE-FI sd card a shot. It seems to work fine. Now as I get further into the project, some other items are coming up. The show is in Germany which is 220v. I know there is a process for converting the printer to 220 but what about the attached pc and monitor and router!?! Now the team is looking into getting a printer locally in Germany to avoid conversion but I st
  2. Afternoon, all. We have a D701 and EZLab software.Our CEO wants to be able to take a picture with a bluetooth enabled camera/phone and be able to send the bmp or jpg to the D701 RIP pc and then it prints automatically.I have been trying to figure out the hot folder setup in EZLab but cannot seem to get anything to print.Does anyone know where I can find a good manual for setting this up? I am not real familiar with EZLab.I find there is an "Orders\Inbox" folder setup in the devices and it is enabled.I changed processing time to 1 minute. I paste a jpg into the Inbox folder and nothing happen
  3. We purchased a Noritsu D701 a while back and it works great. We use eZlab for cards,calanders and rip some images with Wasatch to a shared folder on the RIP pc on the D701. We are thinking of taking the printer to a trade show to show off our inks. Anyway, for testing purposes , I removed printer from the lab (many different printers on a small network with static IPs) and put it in our foyer of our business and now eZlab will not recognize the printer itself. I thought something got damaged but after a little trial and error, realized that it needed to be connected to a network. Once I did th
  4. My office bought a D701 and asked me to set it up. I cannot figure out how to get this thing to print a picture. There were some cds, EZController and EZLab, which need dongles that I do not have, and I also have a System disk, Initial data disk, and a Profile data disk. I loaded the last 3 softwares onto the Printer PC (I guess it is called the RIP PC) and can communicate through the maintenance button. I installed Darkroom Pro 8.9, which is supposed to support D701 (NPS driver, I think) but cannot get it to print. Anyone know what software I need on which PC to be able to print anything outs
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