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  1. Thanks dear for your help. Really appreciate it.
  2. Hi, How to delete data from R2 Printer Machine (DP-2000)? It start giving error "Not Enough Disk Space" and I don't know how to delete extra data from it. Thanks and regards, Shahzad Zameer
  3. Shahzad


    Hi, Can anyone provide or share link for QSF-430L-3 Service Manual? Also if other V series film processor machine's service manuals, all type of models. Thanks and regards,
  4. Thanks a lot, I found a sensor's cable breakage that was hardly seen. It was fixed now.
  5. Thanks for reply, but there is no floater in STB tank and it was working normally just few days before it started.
  6. Hi, I am facing problem in QSS-3001, it gives error that Add Solution to Replenisher Tank of STB even though the Replenisher Tank is full of Solution. Anyone can tell me how to get rid of this error. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have recently installed QSS-3701HD Minilab. Everything is fine but facing one problem. When printing 12 x 36 Print and have only few meter paper then it prints 2 prints of 12 x 36 size prints, the one is normal and other is blank. And because of this problem paper is wasting. This problem is only when print 12 x 36 size print and paper is about to end. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks & Regards.
  8. Thanks a lot both of you for your help. I will check Epson scanner instead of Canon.
  9. Hi, I am using Noritsu 3701HD and want to attach a flatbed scanner with EZ Controller. I have Canon flatbed scanner CanoScan 8800F. I have installed and tried to connect it but its giving communication error in EZ Controller. Please help me to install it with EZ Controller. Thanks and regards, Shahzad
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