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  1. Hi all, It's been a while sine iv used an SP3000 - I have been getting what looks to be a hair scanned into every film I put through the SP3000, even on different Carriers/Masks. It must be close to the Film plane due to how sharp and in focus the hair appears in the images but I cant find any trace of this hair, no matter how much cleaning and vacuuming I do, it just wont go, I thought maybe there was an option for an Aperture Table or equivalent opp I could perform as I would on the SP2000 to clear the memorised dust/dirt removal data but I don't believe the SP3000 has such an opti
  2. Thankyou, Just to be clear, I wish to use the SP2000 stand alone with no printer attached. I currently have the SP2000 export files onto an other PC running MS over Ethernet. Do I only need to install FE software on the SP2000? I don't need A1 do I? this is for connecting to a 350/70 etc? thankyou
  3. Thanks but it is the SP2000 PC I need to update. I already use MS on a PC at another location which receives scans from the SP2000 via Ethernet NOT Fire wire. I want to replace the old PC that runs the SP2000, if I cannot acquire A1 software for my scanner then I will have to try and clone the old PC to a new PC Thanks again.
  4. Hello, I'm in need of some advice. I have recently acquired an SP2000, The PC that runs it seems like its on its way out - its an old P2 and could do with being upgraded. Is it possible to easily clone the old pc drives onto a new er ish machine running XP? Maybe clone the old NT4 system to the newer PC and then upgrade NT4 to XP keeping the original Frontier software an setup in place during upgrade (as XP basically being the unofficial NT5 anyway?), is this possible? Though, I would ideally want to do a fresh install however, I do not have the A1 software disks and they s
  5. Hi all, I have an SP2000 and would like to know if its possible to scan unmounted slides as a single strip? So far im only able to use the MFC; scanning one by one. There doesn't seem to be a away to set the film type to slide/positive whilst the Auto film carrier is installed. Is there a way round this as it seems crazy that im unable to scan my chromes using the Auto Carrier. Thanks in advance, Matt.
  6. OK thanks, ill see what i can do, spares arnt exaclt cheap and its and expensive "test" to just swap out for new ones. Can the laser and the RGB driver board in the Printer be ruled out, or could they be at fault?
  7. OK, I managed to do some testing with film before i go ahead and swap PCBs. I can see that if i do a film scan and print on the same run i get yellowing on the printed images but not in the export folder where the CD images reside. Would i be wasting my time swapping the afformentioned boards? Thanks again.
  8. Yes that goes without saying. Have rebuilt the lab many times but not had much xp on the scanner table, never really needed to. will try the swap and post results. thankyou.
  9. Thanks, with regards to swapping GIP20 and GFM20, I assume they're the same physically so a simple swap over to see if any change occurs? Thanks again.
  10. OK, The contact comes out grey, as expected. Cant really tell if there is any case to it though as i have no reference to compare to. In daylight it look a mid grey so i assume the printer side is OK, would you agree?
  11. When you say borderless contact i assume you mean the precut that comes out aftew mags are insterted? if so then no its white, all papers are clean crisp white with no hue and the condition setups come out a nice greyscale too with no colour cast i can tell of. With regards to film orders, ill have to check as its hard to say from a neg as i cannot compare the finished print to anything.
  12. No the paper is white, i recently retanked the whole lot and reinitialized all papers to rule out chemistry or paper issues. I have no idea how to remove the yellow hue. Its hard to explain but i have a landscape image and on many screens includinf calibrated ones i see the trees are a nice green but on print they are more golden, almost like autumn colours. It doesnt look bad and most wont notice but its not correct thats for sure. My Denso seems OK too, its the AD300 which i beleive is LED lit so no old dying lamps to cause me issues... I have also converted this image to the fu
  13. Thanks for the advise, i didnt realise the denso could be adjusted. Is the setting in the scanner tables menus or does adjustment require a 3rd party device? thanks again.
  14. Hi all. Id like to know if there is any way i can adjust the colour balance of the lab directly? The colours being produced are a little too yellow, there is a clear difference when compared to the screen and yes i know screens are not too accurate but, i can see that over 4-5 monitors and my own calibrated monitor that the printed result is too yellow. Trees look golden and not as green as on screen. This is only a slight colour difference but enough to cause concern, re-tanking and resetting all papers made no difference so im sure the machine is performing as well as can be expecte
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