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  1. Hi Greetings I aslo need 8.0 application software please send me link at kanishkacomm@gmail.com Would appreciate your help. thank u
  2. Amit Lama

    Kisok 8.0

    Hi friends greetings to all users. I have been using kodak Apex system for almost five years and have never given me serious problem. I was wondering if some could help me to get 8.0 version for my kodak apex. I would appreciate your help. amit lama
  3. Hi There.. Im new to this forum.. Regards to every body. I currently using Kodak Apex system with 4.1 version. Im planning to buy an espon pro 9900, but im not sure its gonna be compitable. I have read the fourm where 7880 works great. Can any body help me, One more thing hoo to standby or sleep the picture kisok g4? I have enabled the sleep mode, but once i press sleep button the system does not go to sleep mode rather it hangs and a kodak logo appears. Then i have restart the machine. hope someone can help. Regards Amit Lama
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