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  1. I don't know if there is possibility to make any adjustments, but If you want to replace rubber wheels, you can try this solution. On my 120 carrier it worked pretty well.
  2. Oryginal motherboard for QSS 3201SD, PC-NRT-RS5 is Ricoh FB9.
  3. Hello Couple days ago, my lab didn't turn on. After making few measurements We figure out, that one of the 24V power supply went down. We replaced it with 24V, 6,5A power supply that came from Saeco coffee express (HTS-150F-24) Replacement was qiute easy, just connect right wires in to right place and everything works fine. My oryginal noritsu power supply, was send to fix it. In my opinion one of the resistors was burned, so it should be easy to fix. Temporary my machine looks like this: Cheers
  4. Everything works fine. https://youtu.be/YfyzOKKYrOw
  5. I'll show You how i replaced damaged rubber whells in Noritsu 120 Carrier. What You need is: screwdriver, drill driver, sandpaper (I used 180), flat tap washers (I used silicone 3/8"), super glue. 1. Remove shafts with damaged rollers. 2. Put tap washers on shaft. Using drill driver, and sand paper reduce size of tap washers to size You need (10mm). 3. Using super glue stick reduced tap washers in right place on a shaft. 4. Put all together, and You'r done. Everything works just fine, and cost was about 3$. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/aF6YmQNNsyY
  6. Hi. Did you solved this problem? Maby try tu use DriverGenius, and simply "pull out" drivers from your previous PC, and then try to install them on your Win7.
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