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  1. @replicolor We had that issue, and follow the process that @Dave S listed above, but if a step fails, repeat it before moving to the next step. During the above problem discovery/investigation/repair, we also found that our color filter wheel was slowly disintegrating and replacing it helped tremendously ((IIRC))
  2. We are actually using the original colorimeter head now. When we originally had the Yellow issue, is when I tried swapping the head to the "newer" one (serial # 74xx) in Jan 2019. Our old one (currently in use) has a serial # 20xx. I'm comparing the test prints to an actual grey card indoors so..... I'm going to send you a PM in a few
  3. Thank you @Dave S, That was it. I checked out the Kodak docs for overactive Developer, and added water to dilute the CD, then ran the paper setup / magazine registration and after a few days, the Daily Setup is more "normal", correction values are reasonable again, and seems the issues are gone. No more wasting paper.... But the magenta tint is back on the Daily Setup Test Prints. it's something we've had with this machine since day one. Basically, the grey, isn't grey, but tinted magenta / red, and Row 14 (of 18) is noticeably more red than (less blue?) those above and
  4. CD Temps (all temps in all tanks) seem to be good. 35.0 in CD & BF to STB with some tiny differences from working tank to the front mini tank with the filter and pump. Yes, the pump I replaced it with was a reconditioned used pump I had been stockpiling from old machines before they got taken to the dump, so it must have had "something" different for such a big difference in output amount. I've got lots of pump parts and I just assemble as needed. It looked "close enough" If it's too big a difference, I can swap it out with something else. Thanks. Today, the daily
  5. Hi Dave, I think you might have found the culprit, but I don't think the CD is weak. I measured the CD pump output amounts today and it's at 80.5ml / refill (run pump output measurement 4 times, and divide the total output by 4) BF = 57.3 and STB = 113.3 (BF and STB values are the same as last time) AFTER the pandemic quarantine, the CD was a nice syrupy sludge and we had to drain, clean, replace all of it, including the pump, poppet valves & in-line filter. it was easier / faster to replace the pump than to tear it all apart and cleaning it, and I never bothered to check/a
  6. 2 nights ago, we installed a different colorimeter and yesterday morning, the Daily setup was a "tame" : -1.4 +0.5 0.0 0.0 We got the 152mm (6") papers looking amazing in 4 adjustments. The 279mm (11") papers the Yellow "splotchiness" was back with a vengeance, and couldn't get rid of it, but was NOT there on the 6" papers..... So bad data ? It's strange that it was happening for the 11" but not the 6". so... Performed Magazine Setup for the 11" Luster paper - test print failed 2 times and accepted the 3rd print (it looked blue like the first print. test print
  7. Checked the Dichroic filters, a bit dusty and the metal rail they slide on looks like it has /had lubricant which is now all dried up. The filters' slide is a bit hesitant and re-winds a bit when going from fully open to fully closed and vice-versa -- may be resistance from the motor ? Should the 3 rails be re-lubricated ? one of the drive belts is a bit worn right above the gear, but all 3 belts have the same amount of "slack". Have just swapped the colorimeter and will report back in the morning. Is there any software that needs updating after changing out the colorimete
  8. Are the readings from the colorimeter plausible to the test print? -- I am guessing "YES" -- when the test print is "blue-ish" the correction values will be Yellow (+) POSITIVE (ie: Y +3.8); when the test print is "yellow/ brown" the correction values are NEGATIVE (ie: Y -4.0) It seems like the readings are opposite from each other. -- yes, they "Flip-Flop' Does it ever get the print back to neutral? -- Actually, NO, it still doesn't. Today was a brownish Daily Test print (using Glossy 152(1)), a DIMA() calibration print on GLOSSY (152(1)) was the opposite and a weird bluish col
  9. Oh, also, the Daily Setup test print is using 152(1) 6" Glossy BUT we print (mainly) using 152(2) LUSTER and 279(2) LUSTER and these are the 2 paper magazines we manually "bring to neutral" (or a close approximation of it) we stopped using Glossy for customer prints. Doing Emulsion # changes on either of the Luster papers is a losing battle -- 3 test prints and accepts the 3rd one no matter how bad it is.
  10. Hi @Dave S, Yes, Not 100% but close enough.
  11. Thanks @davidlam, but I do have a new one.... (I think last one Noritsu America had sold to friend in SanDiego, then sold to me "semi-used")... Bought 2, or 3 years ago ? dirt cheap compared to Noritsu direct. I've never opened the colorimeter. It could be the filter wheel but I don't know if it would create these issues. Last time it was generating lines on the prints, but that was because it was slowly cracking and was partially damaged. Mine's an old, used replacement from a different machine.
  12. Hello gentlemen, It seems it's back, but different, and I can't figure out how to fix it. Currently the daily setup is swinging wildly (within a certain range) from [Y+4.2, M+1.0, C+0, D+1.0] to [Y-4.2, M-1.2, C+0, D-1.2] The setup print swings between blue and yellow/brown. ex: past 5 days Daily setup values were : Y M C D -2.4 -0.4 0.0 -0.4 +3.7 +0.4 0.0 +0.7 -4.0 -0.6 0.0 -0.8 +3.5 +0.5 0.0 +0.6 -4.4 -0.8 0.0 -1.0 (t
  13. Hi all, After some more "modifications" the Print Sorter works very well. No issues with the tray coming down every time. I noticed the little legs on the white tray holder and tried to use them to push the tray in front to lay flat -- I don't think they are "kicking" the tray down, but it's working now. Had to : add a deflector to the right side top of the paper conveyor tray add something to lower the dark grey plastic paper stopper (on the outside top of the print sorter) so prints don't get thrown onto the floor enlarge the opening for the tray stop sensor (c
  14. lol -- Got it. Will try it and let you all know how it goes.
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