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  1. Just scroll down. It's in Spanish but sometimes Google Translate does a decent job.
  2. The attract loops are no longer available.
  3. 8.x are patches. You need to install KPK 8.0 first.
  4. Jorge63

    Upgrade KPK+

    New APEX+ software (64 bits) cannot work with 32 bits KPK because of some "limitation" in the software; you have to upgrade your kiosk to a 64 bit KPK+ by buying a G20 or getting Kodak Alaris install the upgrade kit in your current kiosk (the upgrade kit is not available worldwide).
  5. Hi Lagrangerg, I don't know in versión 7.2, but in 8.0 they are gone, too. I guess it might be a problem of copyright with those videos. Best wishes, Jorge
  6. Congratulations!! I have 2 G4X, one of them updated to KPK 8.1 and it got slow, with the "Please Wait" too often on screen. Do you know what form factor is the motherboard or what model of Lenovo it is? Thanks in advance, Jorge
  7. Hi again, Yes, everything was updated but the kiosk didn't see the 605. Fortunately, after a system restore it went to normal again. Since I didn't make the restore I don't know if something else was modified. I've lost the prints from video in the process but I only used that function once, so there's no problema.
  8. Hi Frank, In what country do you live? Regards, Jorge
  9. Hello, How's Kodak Alaris around the world? Here in the far South the best Word would be: shortage. Sometimes they don't have film and sometimes they don't have some width or surface of paper. We are still using KPK v6.0 with it's patches, no net2reail service and, what is worse: no official news. All I read in Google News are new models of Kodak Alaris scanners and software, not a word about photography. Kodak Alaris was recently in Brazil where they showed the G4XL II, the good 605 printer and the new 305 printer. Not an APEX in sight (which makes me wonder about the future of APEX. Are they preparing a new APEX?) Kind regards, Jorge
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