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  1. Installing the maintenance software for my D701 on a PC all seems to work fine. It detects the printer etc. Trying to run the print head clean routine seems to work. However, trying to print the Nozzle Check pattern gives me the error: "No.7324-099 Communication error has occurred.Try Again." I've tried restarting the software and the PC, reinstalling the software, even wiping the PC, reinstalling Windows and starting from scratch. None of these seem to work. This leads me to think there could be some sort of problem on the RIP PC? Does anyone have any ideas (by the way I can print OK fr
  2. I've got a Noritsu D701 and EZController software. I'd like to integrate printing from it into my own software. It sounds like the best way to do this is to use Noritsu HotFolder - can anyone help me get hold of this software? I can't find it anywhere online (I'm based in the UK). Or, can anyone recommend another bit of software/approach I can take to achieve this?
  3. What do memeber use for cutting canvas prints? I have a Stylus Pro 7900, but have read that its not recommended to use the build in cutter to slice the canvas. What do people think?
  4. I'm looking at buying a 2nd hand D701. One of my customers wants to be able to print 4x4 photos. I see from the tech specs that the D701 can take a 4" paper roll - so will I be able to produce 4x4 prints easily (I'll be using EZ Controller software for printing). If not- are there any workarounds suggested- I want to avoid having to produce them as 6x4s and then crop them down with a cutter. Thanks
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