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  1. Please help me with the FMPC software and installation guide, my Email ID - vinay.bakale@gmail.com
  2. Vinay

    Need Help In Fmpc

    I have the 2.0 IC and firewire card already installed... anybody please help!!!
  3. Vinay

    Need Help In Fmpc

    I have frontier 370 and Lp2000 scanner and I want to do away with the scanner and set - up FMPC But the problem is I am not a techie and thus If any one can help me with detailed procedure with minute details if possible and I also do not have softwares can anyone help me please? email vinay.bakale@gmail.com
  4. My hardisk was crashed and I had to reinstall all the software, used Toshiba tool to recover through the Recovery CD provided Use Ai software use scanned back up floppy disk everything installed properly but keep getting "E-1423 Downloading image processing section program failed" what could be the problem pleas help please please!!! Thank you
  5. Hello friends, Please hlep I have the same problem and I have reinstalled the sofware 3 time aleady but no use... PLease help... @Sisir can you please make me understand what is ROM mode?
  6. Hello Sir, were you able to solve this problem? if yes, what i sthe solution. Please help sir thank you
  7. Hello Michaelka, I know this is very old post but I am facing somthing similar problem. My print size is 1mm short for the first 4 prints and the 5th print is 1mm larger, this happens only to my 152mm magzine. because of this my first 4 prints have skwed border on one side. I am not a technical guy and getting a technician here in Bangalore, India is very difficult as there are only 2 engineers as they act very demanding, even I am willing to pay they wont come so please help me if you send me the step by step guide with pictures if possible, By the way I have Fuji Frontier 370. Thanks please help
  8. Hello all members, please help, as it gives very bad impression about my lab on customers as the bordered prints looks very odd.. please help
  9. Hello again, just checked the 4 photos are not exactly 4inch (101mm) they are 1 mm short
  10. hello again, My frontier 370 gives uneven sizes, all my 4x6 prints have this problem. every 5th print is 104 mm other prints are perfect. do you think that the paper magzine is tight and that's the reason the paper jumps? any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks!!!
  11. Hi experts, Can we print 10x30 print sixe in frontier 370, I know the limitations is till 10x15 but I herd about this can be made by some modifications. any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  12. Hello Magenta, The paper is definetly not 5 years old and it was stored properly As i said the 6inch paper is about 85-90% white howver the 8 inch and 10 inch are still half white or cream, I have done the condition up keep print for both papers but still the white is not as white as earlier. What could be possible explaintion for diffrent whites for diffrent paper and why is it still not 100 percent white? do you have any trick to improve whiteness And any tricks to reduce the dirt now when I have already washed the racks? thanks, Vinay
  13. Hello Magenta and Minilabservice thank you both, I performed the control strip and the paper came out cream again so i was relived that it was not a Laser problem and changer all P1, P2 and P3 and now the whites are better I can say it is 90% white now and I belive it will improve. also everytime I clean, wash the chemical tanks and racks i get these black spots or dust which I have manaually clean and give to customers do you guys have any suggestions for cleaning? also thank you magenta today i learnt somthing new I never new how to perform control strip processing.
  14. Thank you Magenta and Minilabservice for the help again, truely appreciate your thoughts and help. Magenta - unfortunately i do not have control strips and we dont get it here in Bangalore, India. but I do want to tell you one thing that today I noiced my precut wastage paper the front 1 inch or so was fogged and it usually use to be very black but today it was redish so will this give you any idea? I still want to know does the wastage paper also exposed by laser? i feel not please provide your thoughts. Minilabservice - thanks you again for your help, I am really sorry I am not a technical guy thus little confused where exactly i need to place the paper? also I will probaby tonight close all my shop shutter and switch of the lights and see if i can put the paper and will see if this works out. also see my comments above for Regards, Vinay
  15. Hello Minilab Service, thank you for your thoughts, but I dont know how to close the laser can you or any of the eperts tell me hoe to close the laser and then print? also the precut wastage is also creamish or half white in colour so wanted to know that ever a precut wastage us exposed by laser?
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