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  1. Where can I find the new papier.ini?
  2. I have only one week that I have bought the paper!
  3. I have only a week that i have bought the paper!
  4. I have a problem on my DKS 750! I was working with my 10x15cm letter and look at the colour of the photos , they are too yellow even i put 10 whites in General offset its the same thing.After this a put 13x18cm format and the colour was so normal even without Paper Setup. Whas happened and what can I do ?
  5. Sapsi , i changed the paper from 10x15 to 13x18 and now the format 13x18 has normal colour! How can happen this?
  6. I changed all the chemicals and it's the same problem!
  7. Hi guys! I have a problem with my DKS 750! The colour of photo isn't well and the test isn't ok even after 20 tests made! The colour of the photo is so yellow and green look at the photos. Please help me
  8. STAB temperature is growing and growing up.What to do please help me!
  9. I have the same problem. I read about some brushes. Where are they located?
  10. I´ll get this rack motor overtorgue error everyday now. Sometimes lifting to hood and butting it down helps and racks start to turn. Sometimes i have to but magnet under hood and press switch and turn main shatf little and then machine works hole day, next day same thing..? Is motor going to brake down or what..?
  11. It makes me chemichal on pc red and stopp printing. Once said scsi problem and once wrong rack motor speed. Please help me. I call a technican but he dont know what to do
  12. Anyone cna halp me with a photo , a map of parts of dks 750. I dont know where are the paper sensors?
  13. what can i do to solve fix this?
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