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  1. Hello. I get an issue of reflexion on my prints as shown on attached image. The system is LP1500 with FE softwares. Please assist.
  2. Forestyl


    It end up be the alpha 400 was not stable. I change the alpha 400 with another one and all the laser value reappear. The machine is printing but it is not still stable. Else I suspect this DC power supply for downloading failure at the end of S9 installation. Please let me use this opportunity and ask for anyone to explain me the step by step power startup sequence for LP2000. Thank toi.
  3. Forestyl


    What to do in this case, please ?
  4. Forestyl


    Question is about error E-2522 on Fuji LP2000 (running fe softwares). I believe laser unit is ok (all the 3 LD and PD current can't be 0μA at the same time !), LDD20 (same error with 2 different LDD20 bobards !) and Power Supply are fine. Remains only THA20 that is no certain. Manual says something about changing the ROS and I don"t understang the meaning.
  5. Forestyl


    Thank you si mach. But what does this mean it comes to replace ROS when some erors are concerned?
  6. Forestyl


    Hello. Please what means ROS on Fuji machines? Thank y ou.
  7. If someone can share only FE-S7 and FE-S13 with me, it will be helpful ksdls2002@gmail.com Thank you.
  8. Forestyl

    FE S13 ?!

    On which computer(s) and how to install it ? Also, how to use it ? Is it compatible with Windows 7 ?
  9. Forestyl

    FE S13 ?!

    Good day To all. On my readings concernant Fe Softwares, I came across some informations like Fujifilm S13 Software. Does something like this exist ? What could it really be ? Reference : S30/EZ171/SERVER/installer.jni --> [SoftInfo] Section Tiltle 7=S13
  10. ROM Mode je version 1. And firmware je version 7.7
  11. Good evening. I am i installing Fuji LP 2000 using Fe softwares (S9). The installation starts up normally, but at the end, it will refuse to transfer control software to the printer. Error 233 as shown on the attached. picture. After I change FMA20, FMC20, CTL20, Firewire card on the computer, even the computer itself, no change ; I check the firewire cable using a multimeter and the cable is fine. I need assistance please.
  12. Forestyl

    LP 5500 issues

    I am now looking for means to replace the PWR23 circuit board, or to repair it. Once done, I will feedback to you. Once more, thank you for assisting.
  13. Forestyl

    LP 5500 issues

    Thank you for assisting. Exactly I have noticed a short between +5V and the machine body. But its stops after I disconnect the PWR8 connector on the PWR23 circuit board. When I disconnect CTL23, PDA23 and connect only PWR8 connector, I will still have a short between +5V cable and the machine body. After this, I disconnect PWR8 connector and the short will go ; but there wil be no short on the PWR23 board when everything is disconnected. Is it possible that the PWR23 board is bad ?
  14. Forestyl

    LP 5500 issues

    Good morning. My LP 5500 is displaying W-2411 (Paper remains in the printer). I use Fe softwares. The paper sensors D650, D653 (exposure section), D616, D626 ; D619, D629 are detecting while there is no single paper in the machine. The fuse F112 on the CTL23 has blow, and it continue blowing after replacement. At first, I tought the CTL23 was bad but its performs well on another machine. I check the correspondant D+5V on PWR23 Board (PWR8 connector), and all ok. At this stage, what to do ?! Your help will be welcomed.
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