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    FOOS DAY. We have a Fuji LP 2000 (no scanner). The firmware version is 7.0-0X-170. We are attempting to upgrade the firmware version at 7.7-0X-030 using MS01 Ver 3.1 But Windows XP can't detect the Frontier New Hardware, so the drivers can't be installed. Please we require for your help.
  3. Change your the firewire (IEE1394) PCI board on the FMPC computer, or the one inside the frontier 570
  4. Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah !!!
  5. Amaizing ! Thank you for the answer. To understand very well, can the firmware upgrade be done immediately after Operating System installation, or should the MS01 Printer be installed before the firmware upgrade ?
  6. Good day. I came accoss MS01 software ver 3.1 and I noticed that its includes firmware tools. Like for LP 2000, I can see this parh : CD \EZ171\Firmware tools\LP1500_LP2000\ And here you get a Batch file 1509_2000 firmware and it describes : D : CD \Fujifilm\Frontier\Insttool Loader.exe D : \Fujifilm\Frontier\PROG\ezPrn.cbf Does anyone please know how to upgrade LP 2000 firmware to ver 7.7-0x-030 using MS01 Software before installation it ? Else, I have A1 software ver 7.7-0x-030 for Frontier 370 but I do not have SP 2500 (or SP 2000) scanner, so I can not proce
  7. Usually bleach-fix condense and block pipes. Grinding sound let me assume replenishment pumps are working. But chemical may not be passing through. So try and go through along pipes leadi g from replenishment tanks (P2RA and P2RB) till the the respective replenishment pumps. Also open the pumps by removing the two screws on the the top, so you can verify the valve inside.
  8. Hello. Is it possible to upgrade a LP 5500 hardware into LP5700 or LP 5900 ? I mean to completely transform a LP 5500 so it becomes a LP 5700 or LP 5900. Please assist.
  9. Good afternoon. I need assistance on my Frontier 375 which does not replenish P2R when processing photos ; but the P2R replenishment pumps will work when I test them through Input/Output Check menu. The system is made of 'LP2000, DIC2 and FMPC2. Please, any concern about this topic will be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. After the tests you ask me to do, all prints are still coming out black. Please help me on my Whatsapp +237677287577. Thank you.
  11. Ok thanks you. Let go to the lab and do the test you assign me. And I will feed me back you. Please can I contact on Whatsapp ? My own Whatsapp is +237 677287577. Thank you.
  12. Happy New Year. Had the similar problem but very deal colors. I noticed the laser guns were not in good position. I then tried to align the manually. But since all the prints come out totally black, even the precut prints and the test prints. Since then I have no solution. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Forestyl

    CTL20 Upgrade

    Regarding LP 1500/2000 software upgrade to Ver 7.7-0X-030, is it possible with S9 ? Or MSO1 ? I ask this question because there are some foders of firmware in MS01 Disk.
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