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  1. did u get the service manual?
  2. may i ask are using original ink and paper from fuji.?
  3. email me mayb i can help alvinho1979@yahoo.com
  4. ok thanks for the info.
  5. i think there must be some conflict with kpk+ and the apex version kpk. try upgrade your apex to kpk+ aswell.
  6. can the kodak printer 8800 prints 8x16"?
  7. anyone here have the diagram for the mainboard for 7000 printer care to share pls?
  8. its too heavy for the rewinding ribbon motor to run, furthermore its too troublesome to unwind the paper. that is why kodak upgraded the media to 1000 print. But is possible, u need to modify the metal plate at the bottom of the ribbon to giv more space for the ribbon to move unless u find another way to to rewind the portion of the ribbon.
  9. Munk

    Kodak market module

    anyone heard of kodak market module in the kiosk application??
  10. thanks ..i found out out is the motor on the right side which is holding the belt ..
  11. might be cable problem
  12. when i printed single prints 8x12, its comes out perfectly ..but when i print out 3 copies at once , the first 2 copies image came out 2mm narrow ( u'll see 2mm white boarder narrow off left top and bottom right. ) , and then the last copy comes out normal. i did all the neccessery adjustment in the SU mode ( centering mode adjusted and measured correctly, did another set out print pattern comes out perfectly fine with the correct value ) but its still the same. Anyone can HELP? anyhow i can do some adjustment to the lens or hardware? i did check on the cables attached to the top lens board , it was nicely attached.
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