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  1. Hi everyone, Has anyone managed to get to the results of 8192 x 6144 pixels? Please help! Thanks!
  2. Hi, Has anyone encountered error w-7024? According to the error, the carrier cover is opened. I tried to remove the carrier and close is again, but the problem still isn't solved (see screenshot attached). I get this error message every time I try to scan. Anyone familiar with this problem? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hello, I just connected a wide screen and now the desktop resolution is distorted on MS01. The problem is that MS01 is on full screen so I cannot get to the desktop. Does anyone know how to get to the desktop or another way to change the desktop resolution? Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the reply! We actually bought the printer as well and suppose to receive it in the upcoming month. Are you saying that any firewire card will work or only if it's made by Ratoc?
  5. Hello, I am installing the MS01&MS11 software and need to purchase these 2 items (I own a Fuji SP-3000 scanner and Frontier-S printer): 1. Firewire 1394 card. 2. Cable for the firewire card: AWM 20276 80C 30V XW-1 Does anyone have these items for sell? If not, does anybody know how much they should cost? and do I need to buy only Fuji originals? Thank you very much!!
  6. Hi, I own the SP-3000 scanner and use MS01&MS11 software. I cannot seem to figure out how to calculate the print size. I've tried using different aspect ratios but I never manage to cover the entire frame and a part of the image gets cut off. If anyone could please explain to me how to solve this, or could send me a screenshot of the print sizes that he set up, I would be very grateful! It would help especially for 4.5X6 and 6X7 film. Thank you very much!!
  7. Hello, I am looking to buy the 6X6 mask for the sp-3000 scanner. Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone, I noticed that scanning black and white negatives gives very grainy results (as opposed to scanning color negatives which gives great results!). I wanted to know if anybody else encountered this problem? and has anyone been able to fix it or improve the results somehow? BTW, I own a SP-3000 scanner version 1.8-0E-014. Thanks! Allison
  9. Help anyone?
  10. Hello, I need help with understanding how to calculate new print sizes. (I am only using the Fuji Sp-3000 for scanning purposes). My problem is that the proportions I enter (for example, 120 X 180 cm) don't match the entire photo. Here is a screenshot of the Print/Export screen, if you can see, there is still a gap between the frame (the scanning area) and the entire photo. I know I can use the mag. option, but I'm looking for a permanent solution. I would really appreciate any of your help. Thanks!!!
  11. Hello, I own a sp-3000 standalone Fuji scanner and I am thinking about purchasing a minilab. I was wondering, is there any way I can connect the scanner to another minilab which is NOT BY FUJI? Thanks!
  12. I followed your instructions and it worked. Thank you very much Dave!
  13. Hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding scanning these type of films: 1. 35 mm reversal films - the manual says that reversal films must be cut to strips in order to be scanned, however I know of a lab that can scan the whole film, without cutting it. Does anyone know how to do this? 2. 35mm negative cross processed films - the problem here is that the upper and lower edges of the films are transparent (instead of the usual brown edges), therefore the scanner doesn't know how to scan the film and prompts me to use the Multi-film Carrier MFC10AY instead. Does anyone know how to scan these cross processed films in the regular 35mm carrier? Thank you very much!!
  14. Hi everyone, I just bought the Fuji SP3000 scanner and wanted to know if there is a way to scan films higher than 72 DPI? Also, If you choose to burn the photos you can choose between 4base and 16base. Is there a way to change from 4base to 16base when you choose the "Free Export" saving method? Thanks!
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