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  1. @ghn5ue: Not so surprising to me. In 2009 a subcontractor from Fuji France made a competitor pay around 10000€ for a (brand-new) bundle including AOM & Laser units. And the same subcontractor still asks 2900€ now for 1 AOM unit, the shopkeeper asked him monday morning. Big difference.
  2. Hello ghn5ue, You waited 2 or 3 years with the same problem? Man, you're really patient. The clients here, are definitely not. Make them wait around 15 minutes for any reason and they go away to the nearest shop, letting You print their picture for nothing and making You bad publicity because the print wasn't done in sixty seconds.
  3. Hello Minilab service, Thanks again for your reply, With your explanation, the situation seems now clear like water. We have to buy another AOM or fix this one. So I asked some companies to send us their prices and availability, and now I'm waiting for their responses. The shop is located in South of France, there: Le Photographe de Vidauban https://plus.google.com/116781483442316361544/about?gl=fr&hl=fr
  4. After that, it printed good And we got no problems with the next of the 102x100 pictures we made after that (more than fifty). Then we loaded 152x100 paper and made some calibration: Looks like the colors changed, yellow-ish and blue-ish are definitely new colors. And so, it's a faulty AOM driver confirmed to You people? Just want to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello Minilab service, thanks for your reply, Yes it's Magenta, sorry. So we tried to switch G&B channels yesterday. Back on, first print out (without calibration, just to see) was very very Magenta, almost purple (i'll scan and add it in this post later today), then we re-calibrated 3 times (First was a little magenta, the second was somewhat blue-ish and the third was correct to me & confirmed good by the densitometer). After that, we printed some pictures without problem. We will continue to print later today until we get another problem and I'll will update the topic with all the news.
  6. Hello Dear minilabhelp community, I'm requesting a little of your time to help me with a little problem with a [Fujifilm - Frontier 330 - slp 800 sc] minilab. Some days things are going good, no issues whatsoever and some others days (like today) things are turning very bad. No matter how many calibrations i try, it looks like the lab refuses to keep the correct settings. It happens with every paper types, every magazines and the problem appears to be totally random... Some times i can make a hundred prints without any problem and some others times, i can't do 2 or 3 in a row, without that kind of printing issues. Usually the lab gives me green(), then red(), then good() calibration test. 3 tests no more. But since a few weeks now, some pictures are turning green() or red(&) for no reasons. As You may notice, sometimes it's the whole picture, sometimes just a quarter and lately, just a little strip. I tried to recalibrate of course and the least i can tell is : that it's no working everytime... So my question is, do you think it's related to AOM Driver or Laser? I have a little idea because I looked through for forum for quite some times, but I wanted to show You examples in my case, to be "sure". Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advices!
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