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  1. That is what technician installed on an old windows xp sp2 machine, and it just works ok. I was planning on installing the same in a virtual machine, to receive images from SP3000. What do you think?
  2. Hi Forum. Does someone have installation cds for MS01 v2.5.5? I need this to set up a VMWare machine to receive images from an old SP3000 scanner. Thanks in advance! DDM
  3. Problem solved, had to manually repair the main ccd board. Ti opamp failed in green channel.
  4. Hi Fellows, I have the HS-1800 with 120 AFC II, and last month I had to change some worn out rollers from the carrier. And it seems that after reassembling the unit it has a scanning position problem. It does not fix with the "Scanning position Auto Correction". I have dissasembled and assembled again and it corrected a bit, but it keeps happening that little by little the roll ends up with a position difference. Any advice from those who have run into this problem? It is related to the first belt that comes out from the motor. But I have no clue on how to
  5. diegodm

    NEED MS01

    Hi, need MS01 3.0 or 3.1 to use with an SP2000 scanner. Any one can share?
  6. Hi Minilab Service! you were right long time ago with a CCD faulty card with my noritsu HS-1800... it's the J391173 or J391249. I have replaced it and after 6 months of use the new board has failed, and it does not read the green channel... Old board did have a problem in the green channel also, causing banding... Do you know if this may be coming from another board? I mean two times a problem with the same board, and two times the green channel. I was looking to see if the S2, S3 or S4 use the same CCD board, to see options to get one. Best, Diego.
  7. Hmmm here back again... I have already ruled out the LED unit, I have done a test with an alternative light source and the problem remains...
  8. kodak_service I unplugged and replugged all on the main and driver PCBs, and nothing. Then I was testing the unit with the software and I see the LED heaters lower the LED temperature (shouldn't they increase the led temperature?) Might that be the problem? I mean, I am really a newbie here, so I don't fully understand. But Led heaters react in the same way as the cooling fan. A fan starts (noise audible) and then the LED Thermosensor reading falls...
  9. Thanks kodak_service, I will try reconnecting all tonight. Although I am afraid I might damage some connector. I will give it a try with some.
  10. Many thanks for the diagram, I do believe the problem is in one of the boards, 1) AFC/Scanner Contro or 2) AFC/Scanner Driver. It seems that the problem fluctuates if the scanner back door is opened or closed, so that boards might be affecting... Would it be possible for you to provide that full manual? Thanks again
  11. Thanks Kodak_service! Any idea on how I might isolate the problem? I sometimes get the No. 06333 The Line Data is out of the Standard Range Error. Suffix 00009. Also I don't seem to find the location of - AFC/Scanner driver PCB J391203
  12. Kodak_service, do you think maybe that a PCB maybe faulty? Or should it be the CCD or LED? I am not sure how to proceed. Do you happen to have a wiring diagram of the machine? Best!
  13. Thanks for your input kodak_service. I have found it to work ok after several hours or work with error in the first minutes... not really sure what I am dealing with. I am guessing now some kindo of electrical noise/connection with the green channel...
  14. Hmm not really a matter of time I see now. The problem appears with over exposed negatives, or where negative base is dark.
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