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  1. Hi Bobb, What does it say when you right-click on the Ethernet controller with the question mark and select 'properties'? Ducky
  2. A quick google found other people with similar problems when using Norton Ghost/Symantec Backup. The solution (they found) was to run fdisk /mbr from a Windows 98 Startup Disk... as it was the Master Boot Record on the HDD that was somehow corrupted. Given your current situation, running fdisk /mbr couldn't hurt as all that will do is place a new and working boot record on the HDD. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi Minilabtechnician, Could I please have a copy of the 68xx and 88xx service manuals please? littleblackduck@hotmail.com Thank you in advance. Ducky
  4. ...failing any insights, does anyone know the part number (or even better - where I could purchase) the cutter mechanism for the Kodak 8800 printer?
  5. Hi all, I turned on my Kiosk this morning and my 8800 printer is giving me a "Cutter Jam" error as it goes through its start-up checks. This error halts the printer and cannot be bypassed. I checked the cutter head and it seems to move freely (ie not stuck) and I can't find any torn paper or other items that might be causing problems. Has anyone else had any experience with this error? Any quick tips you can give to possibly solve this without me needing to order new parts (or a new printer)? Unfortunately I don't have the service manual for this printer (or for the 6850) so don't have much else to go on for troubleshooting. Thanking you in advance. Ducky
  6. Hi Auslagger, I've seen a few of these dives up for sale on eBay recently. Try searching for "Kodak Kiosk DVD drive" or similar, I also believe the part numbers could be TEAC DV-W28SL / C-175. You'll of course want the slot-load variety. From memory it's a standard TEAC drive with a special 'adapter plug' that goes in between the drive and the cable that goes to the motherboard... if you still have that adapter plug bit then some of the other TEAC OEM drives that are the same size may work. Good luck! Ducky
  7. Hi Auslagger, I can't answer your specific question about copying onto USB sticks, but a possible solution would be to plug an external DVDRom into the Kiosk's USB port and try installing using the original media with that. Unfortunately the only enabler I have is the Instagram module so I'm not sure if it's the same for others... but I just tried plugging in an external DVDrom via USB to install the enabler and it worked just fine (I'm running G4 KPK v7.2 with the May 2014 update applied, your results may vary). Hope this helps. Ducky
  8. Solved. Thank you again to Marijo. I now have a functioning Restore CD and a fully working G4 with new HDD. Ducky
  9. *Bump* Is anyone else able to assist? It seems I need a bootable .ISO image of the disc to allow booting from CD for full restore (not just the files from the CD itself). Thank in advance, Ducky
  10. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to copy installed enablements from one G4 Kiosk hard disk to another, and if so, how? Background: I recently purchased a G4 kiosk and was lucky enough for it to come with v6.1 SP1 installed, as well as the Social Networking, Facial Retouch, Pet Eye Retouch, Video Snapshot enablers installed. Unfortunately the hard disk has a number of errors and seems to be failing, and the Kiosk did not come with any install media. I was unable to successfully clone the drive to a new HDD (presumably because of the errors). I DID somehow managed to clone the OS reinstall partition onto a new hard disk, and purchased the v6.1SP1 install software as part of the WiFi dongle upgrade... so I now have a fresh install of v6.1 SP1 on a new hard disk. All works well, however I no longer have any of the optional enablements that came with my original Kiosk hard disk. Is there some way I can copy the installed enablers from the old hard disk to the fresh install on the new hard disk? Are they stored locally in a directory or some place once installed? At $600 to purchase the enablers I'd obviously prefer to use the licensing from the original hard disk if at all possible. (if it helps, I also have an active service module installed so can access the Windows control panel etc). Thanks in advance for any advice that can be offered! Ducky
  11. I got mine from Logix-USA for $79. This included the v6 software (and 6.1 SP1 upgrade), and the hardware Wifi dongle. FYI There's an iPhone and an Android app. I tried the Android version and it's much easier than messing around with the old Bluetooth method of transfer.
  12. Hi, Could someone please tell me where I might be able to source a Kodak G4 "Recovery/System CD"? The Lenovo Thinkcenter is an 8807-Y12. I've recently purchased a G4 second-hand, and was fortunate enough for it to come with v6 installed and running just fine... however it came with no CDs/re-installation media. I've managed to locate a dealer selling the v6 software CDs as part of the WiFi upgrade package, but apparently that does not include the "OS Recovery/System CD" needed to do a fresh install should the HDD fail (or I put in a new HDD). I'm "just a guy" (not a business), so my local Kodak support/supplier will not help me. I'm in the process of trying to clone the existing HDD as a last resort "backup", however I would prefer to have a full set of installation media. Thanks in advance to anyone that's able to provide any help. Ducky
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