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  1. Thanks All of you. problem was in FMC20 circuit board..........!
  2. Hi... thanks for your reply. Scan images are to big for upload, so uploaded images are with my mobile camera. one condition print have red on grey color, after measurement of second condition print AD200 densitometer says measurement are OK. due to low resolution uploaded prints are little grainy but in real they are crystal clear, white is white and black is black no dots no shadows on them. Thanks again......!
  3. Hi Every one!!! I have fuji 370 minilab. all of my printing out put is blue tint but when i create a paper condition print every color CMY and Black is ok. when i change paper roll, after reading of 2 condition prints AD200 densitometer says measurement are OK, on this stage media printing should be ok but it is not, every print is blue tint! All of experts in my city are failed to fix this problem. 1) P1 and P2 are ok (tested in fuji laboratory) 2) Three of AOM drivers are ok (tested on another fuji 370) 3) Re installed windows and all soft wares on FMPC I have been facing this issue since 30 days. Please help me, thanks! see attached file Regards Naveed.
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