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  1. Found a seller that can get me one but i need to see the in and out voltage first. Want to make sure before doing the big next step, not to mention securing those funds too
  2. After more than a year we finally found a TR1 transformer. We want to believe this will be the thing we need to fix the machine. We hope this is all we need to go back to business because we are in deep financial trouble now
  3. Oh boy... this complicates things further
  4. The receptor maybe but it's alright. We moved some belt that was blocking the emitter
  5. This makes me wonder if the card that is located on the SP-2000 is a PCIFW3. It's so unfortunate that RATOC got rid of them
  6. Read some references about belts blocking a sensor. This is our current status
  7. I understand that this reply is very late but well... what belt do you mean? There is a roller but the only belt i see is the band where photos pass to move to the processor. I place an upkeep print and started the drive so it could take away the print from the middle. Upkeep print had no trouble passing to the processor section. Where is this belt that you mention?
  8. Greetings everyone. Got the W-2411 Paper in Printer warning since last night. Blew some air to D560, D561, D562, and later D571, D572 and D573. Unfortunately i was not available at the shop last night and they restarted the printer and the FMPC before event trying to access the Mantainance menu and do the I/O check. I read on some of the topics that many had trouble with D573. We have a Frontier 330 we no longer use. Can it be posible that the sensors from the Frontier 300 fit the Frontier 370? We want to try that before ordering the D573 sensor. Getting worried that we may no longer fi
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fuji-Frontier-570-Ratoc-PCIFW3-Rev-3-Firewire-Card-New-Boxed-LP5700-FMPC/323906412773?hash=item4b6a53a0e5:g:dHAAAOSwvbZdcin8 so...one like this?
  10. Oh I see!!! I was looking for it as just 1394 card. Guess that is why i could not find one :O !!!
  11. Greetings everyone. Looking forward to getting a 1394 network card for FMPC to connect with the Frontier 370. Had no luck finding it in ebay or Alibaba. Are there any trusted sources for this card?
  12. So far so good after 4 years. Will look for another card in case of emergency
  13. Might as well check that. The whirlpool is there and all but yes, i think it could be point 1 with a bit from 3: it could be dirty inside there. Last February we cleaned the P2 tank. Might as well check closely the circulation pump or the heater itself and see if there is residue or something abnormal over there. As for turning it on and off so frequently, can that mess up the machine?
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