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  1. afv_flash

    Upgrade KPK+

    Hola Gardel, tiene los archivos para actualizar el kiosko?
  2. Hi, does anybody can share this to me? I have a G4 Lenovo kiosk. thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I'm looking for Frontier DIC Enabler. I have Service Enabler v5.2 but can't install Frontier Enabler from there. I have a Kodak kiosk G4 kpk 8.1 Some suggestions? I will appreciate any help Thanks in advance
  4. Hi there, Is there somebody who can share Service Module for a Kodak G3? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I will share all my MS01 stuff with whom have fuji enabler module for kodak kiosk thx
  6. Already Have it! THX
  7. I'm looking for MSP48 for an DX100 printer and MS01 4.2 Thanks in advance
  8. Nobody can help me?
  9. Hi people, I need your help! I'm trying to DI Simple Print running on windows 7 pro sp1 and MS01 4.2 I don't know whats wrong but I can't save spools on FAView and when I try to close SimIn it just hangs. It's just like if MrPrint.ini and default.ini didn't save my changes. I tried to install loopback, hot fix, tried "operator", 5u990rtm0d3, 593c09, changing some settings but still trying. I've installed version 1.0 (which is suposed to work on windows 7) and 1.5 I've tried under windows xp also but worse result. Please, can anybody help me, please?
  10. Hi there, I'm looking for MS13 working on MS4.2 and windows 7. I have MS13 v1.5 but it doesn't work. THX in advance
  11. I have MS13 1.5 but It doesn't work on w7. Can anybody tell me if I'm doing something wrong?
  12. Does anybody know how to use MS13 1.5 on windows 7?
  13. I can use order-it pro 9.6.7 from a ghost from order-it using Hiren's boot cd. It's easy to do.
  14. Press F1 on main MS01 screen.
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