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  1. Hello again... nobody can help? thanks

    Modules Kodak

    Hello everyone, I did an upgrade to my APEX and Kiosk GS to Version 8.0. Previously i had V 5.0 installed, but to upgrade to 8.0 I had done the recovery from the OS. And naturaly some modules that I had installed "dissapeared" and now I dont now where is the CD to install again. The modules that I need to work are: Kodak Picture Movie DVD Music Module V4.0 / W.W. Epson Stylus Pro Printer Module V3.0 anybody can help ? thanks to everyone
  3. Hello everyone, I have APEX sytem and Picture Kiosk GS order station with V5.1.2 installed. I buy the last version 8.0 to upgrade my machines, but i have a problem, I cannot upgrade because they tell me that I need the version 6.0 or later installed in machines, to can upgrade to V8.0 can you help me please? greattings from Portugal
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