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  1. Okay Fellow Members, Well it has been an eventful 3 weeks. Been to see Photobox and was offered a job there, but had too turn it down as our North Circular road is so unreliable took 50 minutes to get there and two and half hours to get back, but a very impressive operation. Had a tour of the factory and the production line which runs 24/7. Still working on my Facebook and Website Page : PhotoboxLondon Regards Nash
  2. Hello All, Well after 23 years of trading, i`m considering calling it a day closing down. Now you can imagine how much equipment i have acquired over the years. Now what i am asking which is the best route to go down as for selling the Frontier 350 Yes i have thought about e-bay Any comments appreciated
  3. Oh to far away then I`m in England. Due to i`ll health i have to close down my lab and have a Fuji Frontier 350 up for grabs
  4. Where are you based, i may be able to help
  5. turn off the distribution section and then see what happens
  6. Near the drain valves underneath the replenisher tanks, there are four clear tubs with a screw cap. You undo the screw cap and inside there is a small filter. Clean those
  7. Hi Did you clean those little filters in those little tubs
  8. i have this problem at least once a year, so this is a post by Christina Rose who is on this forum. This will solve your problem This error because of frontier detect difference in replenisher level especially P2RA. you can see in maintenance menu- go to processor Input check- replensiher levels. there must be some level difference. only solution is shutdown the machine thru emergency OFF. then drain out all the chemical from replenisher tank ( not main Tank) except PSR. pour some hot water thru the cartdige holes to make clean throughly inside the tanks especially P2RA. drain out all and close drain valves. restart machine and put new cartridges. let it MIX. Nash
  9. i tried this on my frontier 350 and i got a better print with auto correction ON
  10. firstly take out the circulation filter and clean this. also look down into the P1 hole and look to see if there's circulation
  11. i bought this device and it works a treat. i would recommend this to everyone here
  12. Thats exactly why i`ve ordered one of these apple my isticks @ £50.00, because more and more customers are with iphones these days. Looking at the istick video it seems so simple to download to the stick once you`ve downloaded the free app from the Apple Store. I`ll let you know how i get on with this
  13. i`ve been in touch with istick and the inform that it does support png and JPEG formats but it`s not listed into their specs.
  14. Yes you copy the iphone pictures to the istick and then just plug into the kiosk and print, well that is what i think
  15. We all know Apple Devices holds 1000`s of images, i was wondering if hand this usb flash drive to the customer and they select the ones they require for printing. Will this device work? http://www.myistick.co.uk/8gb-istick-46
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