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    Ms01 V4.2

    how can I tell which software I have installed on windows 2000 NT? I am exporting to a PIC running a new operating system (windows 7 I think... does that matter?) and it writes the files with names and folders that don't seem to correspond to the order information at all...? How do I export to specific folders?
  2. Hi, I am looking to run the SP3000 with a PIC in the most streamlined way possible in a production environment (~100-400 rolls a week). How do you guys manage large client operations like this? what's your workflow? what's the best software combo? How do I access the advanced color options that are grayed out (gradation/bright, etc)? what's the advantage of the B7 / B9 "professional" software ? how do you get it to account for different light conditions on the same roll (how do I make cloudy, fluorescent, sunny, and tungston light all come out neutral balance on the same roll w
  3. I think the printers are very particular about how you name them.... think I saw a post on that. search "network" or "network print" in this forum
  4. I would buy an actual color critical monitor that can store the monitor correction profile directly in the screen itself via SD card... NEC monitors with Spectraview can do this. Get a small one used, it'll only be about $400-500. You'll need a good hardware calibration device. Get the i1 Display from X-Rite, run the calibration with spectraview on another computer, then save the profile into the screen itself. It will take some trial and error to match your particular output, but the settings in spectrview are quite simple, you'll visually evaluate and figure it out in an afternoon.
  5. im also interested in this
  6. What does MS12 and MS19 and ORDER-IT V5 do?
  7. How can I find out which versions are installed on my SP3000?
  8. supposedly the sp3000 is capable of very high resolutions purportedly not supported in the standard menus... if you go into the service menu, the password is 7777. at the very bottom of all the menus, there's a custom menu that brings up a terminal command line type window. I can only imagine what you could get it to do, but I have no idea how. Got any programmer friends?
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