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  1. That was one of a kind investigation... 1. All cleened up... 2. New chemistry.. 3. Swapped AOM... 4. Laser glass cleaned up... And finally you got me with light leak... The problem was the back wall not properly attached in upper part, didn't set it up correctly. Thank You All Very Much.
  2. Hi, I made a better scan of the "situation", after thoroughly cleaning the cd and bf racks and crossovers the situation is exactly the same. I suppose, that a smear on laser glass has got nothing to do with the regulating guide...? I have never cleaned that glass, could you please guide me through the procedure? That freakin smear is a real mystery to me - it starts a little bit off, as you can see on the scan and then it continues it's 'path' straight on the prints. Anytime the feed of the paper stops and it is rolled back to the paper casette and I start printing again the same occurs - on the first print there is this shift and on the next ones the smears are straight.
  3. The green line is just a fault of my flatbed scanner. The thing is with my minilab, that not even a speck of any dirt comes out and the smear has a completely smooth surface. That was my first idea to check the path of the paper but the smears appear ideally the same each and every time...
  4. Hello you all, my minilab has got a problem. The prints as well as test prints come out with these strange smears, identical on all kinds of paper, with this strange shift in it's shape shown on the attached file. Has anybody had a similar problem? To me it seems really strange because they aren't distinct lines or colour shifts, just this... "smear" Thanks in advance for any advice 20210420114349844.pdf
  5. Thank you, I've checked the ribbon- line appears even when there's no ribbon attached. Tomorrow, I will have some assist in my studio, we'll try to remove glass holder and clean it.
  6. Hello forum, I've been lurking here from time to time, your topics helped me several times, but this time I gave up so here it goes: line appears on every print at the same place. We did what we could on the maintenance side- cleaned all there is to clean as manual goes. Then yesterday, following this post: http://www.minilabhelp.com/topic/22730-white-line-on-every-print/ where the problem seems to be the same, no change. Then we cleaned a laser glass from the laser side: http://minilab.com.ua/en/repair/noritsu_laser_unit_cleaning/ Unfortunately no change either, we did it very gentle, maybe to carefully as we didn't want to get things worse. Any ideas? Wojtek.
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