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  1. With magazin registration solved the problem thx Dave S!
  2. hello, any idea why Emulsion Change on paper 203 mm its this?? other paper its OK
  3. make new paper chanel and try setup again.
  4. hey, Dave you have right it chemistry, thx for all reply.
  5. thx for reply going to change tomorow or next week the chemistry and well back with response.
  6. no but i take out tomorow.the distance of marks its same as rollers.thx
  7. dirty from Exposure advance unit.i stop the print in STB and its dirty not from crossover.
  8. Hello, I have traces of rollers on the picture withe.I have clean Pressure roler 2 in Exposure advance unit nothing change. Any ideas? thx
  9. pm me to give pc manual! i can not upload file!
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