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Found 6 results

  1. Lab has three 3101 that we still use for production work. We have one 3101 that is set up differently than the other two and I cannot figure out where in the software the different setting or selection exists. Two 3101 run the F series software (same version) and the other runs the G series software. One machine running the F series software when the magazine runs out of paper it prompts a magazine change just like all the others do as well. BUT one 3101 allows us to run a paper emulsion balance before it continues on to the print job. The other two 3101 do not "ask" for this and I cannot for the life of me find where in the software this selection exist to change the other two machines to prompt the emulsion setup after magazine change. Getting too tedious to select no on restart and then have machine error out and I have to reload job again from where it left off. Hope that makes sense as I really could use an answer.
  2. Does not continue the process, stays there
  3. Greetings to all forum members. Fault description : - Power on - Win2000 loaded - QSS program versión G002 loaded - To initialize the program ( takes a little longer than normal) , throws the error 6105-001 : B Laser light source status errors. - We canceled the error - Post: Laser temperatures are being adjusted. Remaining time approx: 5 min. - We wait 5 minutes. - Post: Laser temperatures are being adjusted. Remaining time approx: 30 min . - We wait 30 minutes. - Error/Attention 1049-002 : Execute Auto Tuning . - We do not have the option of doing the Autotuning ( see picture attached ), even in "Service Mode" In " System version check " we can see that Laser version is: 0106 Y2 A. That is, Laser is type A. Laser Driver card is J390656 -03 The first time we did the Daily Setup , got attached picture 01 . Thereafter the Daily Setup gives Attached picture 02 . We have no other error message. Questions : Why we don´t have the option of Autotuning ? Surely the Blue laser gun is damaged but could also damaged the Blue Laser driver ? Is there a procedure that can carry out a good technician to change the Blue Laser Gun in Box Laser ? In advance, thanks for your help.
  4. We need to change the blue laser gun. Can anyone make some recommendations to change QSS3101 blue laser gun? Our technician has changed QSS35XX laser guns but has never done in the QSS3101. In addition to the instructions in the "Service Manual" to remove and reinstall the laser box, is there any alignment procedure to change the blue laser gun inside the laser box ? Our laser is type A. Regards
  5. Every morning to do the "Daily Setup", QSS3101 throws us the following error: # 6310-0074 "Scanner area registration error" In "service mode" we reviewed the: "check output / Input Section / scanner section" and when we did click on "yes/execute" we obtained the following results: Zoom Motor 1: light -> dark Zoom Motor 2: light -> dark -> light ( "dark" only lasts a couple of seconds) Focus Motor: light -> dark -> light ( "dark" only lasts a couple of seconds) Iris Sensor: light -> dark -> light ( "dark" only lasts a couple of seconds) The thermosensor Scanner indicates a temperature of 32.5 º C We have cleaned the lamp housing and auto negative carrier without success. When we put a negative in the negative carrier, this goes completely without problems, but on the monitor we only see gray boxes. What can we do?
  6. i have this error message while printing , after i print the paper will stop after sometime then the message , when i clear the message is will come out blank. can someone help me. whats is the problem
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