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Found 22 results

  1. Hi! Does anybody try to convert Frontier 370 to RA4? I have a chemical dispenser from SFA 238 and I will like to use it. Any procedure or suggestion? Thanks.
  2. Hello there everyone. Last Friday we replaced the IEEE 1394 from the FMPC and the FMA20 of the Frontier 370 . All is working well except that at the end of the day, when the Frontier shuts down after cleaning, the FMPC suffers some sort of strange crash where all the connections to the FMPC are cut down. The USB ports are disconected (and if i reconnect the USB devices they no longer appear connected, no matter if i use a wireless mouse or a keyboard) the Ethernet port too. We have to hold the Power Button to turn it off forcibly. We tried running the shutdown.exe with a 90 second delay but its not helping around. The thing is worrying me is that turning off forcibly the FMPC will damage the HDD anytime soon and Fujifilm Mexico did not want to give us the software for installation. I think something is wrong with the new IEEE 1394. The FMA20 should not make a PC crash. Any idea what to do? I can't even use a keyboard. The Optiplex 780 has no other ports like the PS2 or the other one.
  3. Hi! I'm using MS01 in a Frontier 370. I have to do some prints without backprint. There is some way to disable backprint in an order??
  4. Hi! I'm using MS01 in a Frontier 370. I have to do some prints without backprint. There is some way to disable backprint in an order??
  5. Did you know how many hours could be operarting the Frontier 370 laser unit? My unit is near 8000 hours operating.
  6. Hi, I have a Frontier 370 V 7.7 connected to MS01 V 4.2 via scanner. O would like to know about hardware and software for stand alone function. Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, Does anybody knows wich functions delivers these circuit boards on Frontier 370? PAC20 CTP20 PWR20
  8. Hi everyone, About a month ago, one of the paper feed motor went to the inverse direction. For me is not a strange issue, since a had the Frontier 370 this happened every year, mostly when I have a lot of prints to do. An electrical technician friend of mine change the four step motor drivers from PDC20 circuit board. And I changed the four stepping motors from the printer. All works fine until today. One of the stepping motor get inverse. I been using the lower deck paper magazine during this issue, and check this out: the upper cutter did the cut 3 times....so strange. Before that, just turned off the Frontier. Back in process, I could print about 600 6'x8' sheets without any problem. Could be the wires from the PDC20 to the stepping motors? Could be the circuit board? (It has several time working -about 19 years-, and several stepping motor drivers changed) If anybody know something about this, please let me note. Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, Last year, calibrating CA Type Fujicolor paper, the AD100 densitometer couldn't reach density measurement OK. So, I took an AD300 and measurement was OK. I want to know where to buy the AD100 lamp and which brand is it. Thank you.
  10. Hi! I'm printing on my frontier 370. I have some white lines on the prints, all sizes. They are parallel to transport. All optics of laser unit were cleaned with a camel hair brush, soft swab and anti static microfiber for optics. Also the mirrors were cleaned (some dust on them) but I didn't clean the polygon. The filter of the anti dust fan is full of dirty (it is no more white, I never replace it) After the cleaning, these white lines changed the position on the print. They are visible only in uniform and half tones backgrounds (for a common costumer are not visible). What more a have to do to solve this issue???
  11. Hi Guys running a 370 with pic 2.6 . I have 2 computers in the upstairs of my lab running Photoshop and Lightroom. There are times that it would be very convent to send a small job straight to printer without having to get up run downstairs and spool from PIC. Is there any way with software or Hot Folders that we can send images to print from computers up stairs. They are all networked together by the way. Many thanks
  12. I posted before this same topic, but I have not been around for about 6 months and my topic was deleted. I have a Frontier 370 working with an administrator PCand a PIC PC (or that's how they told me it was called) and I wanted to know if someone has the Variety software for templates and such that can either share it to me (and to others) or sell it to me. I hope someone can help me with this. At this moment I work with templates but using Compose and I have to put templates to each photo and it doesn't allow me to put transparent PNGs over photos so it looks better. Thanks in advance to everyone !
  13. Does anyone have a copy of the Variety software for the MS01 v3.0? I use the Compose software but variety works way better. Thanks !
  14. Hello everyone I wanted to know if anyone can help me with this. I have a Frontier 370 LP2000SC and the prints have started to come out with a white line parallel to the transport direction. We don't know how to fix this or even what it could be. Hope someone can help me out. I'm attaching 2 photos with the lines mentioned. Thanks ! !
  15. Br iSmith

    370 Shutdown

    Hi Guys I have a 370 that goes al the way thru shutdown process and then starts back up. It goes to the point that it should click off then restarts and never shuts down. It's like it it's in a loop. Also errors 1424 Download carrier failed and 1143 scanner not up. Have cut all power to both units many times to hope and reset but no luck. Would it have anything to do with floppy disk? If it needs to be replaced what is the process machine on of off? Many thanks. Sabrina
  16. My hardisk was crashed and I had to reinstall all the software, used Toshiba tool to recover through the Recovery CD provided Use Ai software use scanned back up floppy disk everything installed properly but keep getting "E-1423 Downloading image processing section program failed" what could be the problem pleas help please please!!! Thank you
  17. Hello, Lately we have been having an issue were the Frontier 370 will start up and then just shut off without any alarm while it is booting up. Sometimes it will just shut off out of no where. Now when trying to start it up we get Errors: E-2504, E-2505, E-2506 with a continuous alarm going off and no start up on the Frontier. These relate to cooling fans for the AOM, Scanning lamp and FM. Also P1 heat sensor trips. I am assuming that there may be a problem with either PDC20 or CTL20 boards. Hoping for some ideas or thoughts other than just replacing these $$$ boards. Thanks a bunch. -Bob
  18. Good day to everyone. We currently have a Fuji Frontier 370 that works with a FMPC with no scanner. The HDD of the PIC stopped working (started making clicking noises and we made no clone of that HDD) and we had to get a new HDD and install the software from scratch. A good engineer we know gave us a GHOst (UC_V508_LPC_1_PIC) and the MS01 Workflow (MS01_V3.0.0.61337.zip​) to work at it, but we started to get into trouble. It seems that the Simon/Job Queue is not working properly. Sometimes, the FMPC does connect with the PIC but for some reason it doesn't connect most of the time. As a result, most times we send print orders and while it says that it's "printing" them, they just stay there and are not processed. The paper surface says its not Luster, its "Any Surface". The communication must be very wrong because its not happening right. We can make the Upkeep Print but not the normal prints. Its getting quite desperate and we already lost 9 days worth of work to this situation. Is there a way around this kind of trouble?
  19. hello again, My frontier 370 gives uneven sizes, all my 4x6 prints have this problem. every 5th print is 104 mm other prints are perfect. do you think that the paper magzine is tight and that's the reason the paper jumps? any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks!!!
  20. Hi experts, Can we print 10x30 print sixe in frontier 370, I know the limitations is till 10x15 but I herd about this can be made by some modifications. any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  21. Hello All experts, I have been facing this issue since I changed the paper 2 days ago, I run the condition print first 2 prints results NOT GOOD but white was very white and good but 3rd condition print result was OK but white turned creamish half white. By the way I have AD200 densitometer Please help me, thanks!! Regards, Vinay
  22. Br iSmith

    Moving A 370

    Hi Guys, I will be moving a 370 and need to know if the SP2000 print engine needs to be disconnected from the processor or if it can be moved as one piece? Also any tips tricks ect. to help in the move is appreciated. Many Thanks, Sabrina
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