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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all! I'm wondering if anyone has an operating instructions manual? I have found service and workflow maintenance ones. but I'd like to know how to change file settings, what the default printing sizes mean, and and how to export the images without making copies. (things of that nature) Thank you all for being so helpful, I'm learning so much through this forum
  2. hi, yesterday I had a similar problem had in the past on the 350, error w-2401, the paper does not advance in section 4-5, I went to setup and mantenimance, printer adjustament / mantenimance, printer i / o check, I tried to move (drive / stop) M541, repeatedly worked well but sometimes turning in the opposite direction!! on the 350 I had the similar problem but the M541 did not work completely, I had to change a drive on pdc20. Today the machine worked properly. What do you think? does anyone know if M541 can turn in the opposite direction and who controls it? THANK YOU
  3. Hello All experts, I have been facing this issue since I changed the paper 2 days ago, I run the condition print first 2 prints results NOT GOOD but white was very white and good but 3rd condition print result was OK but white turned creamish half white. By the way I have AD200 densitometer Please help me, thanks!! Regards, Vinay
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