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  1. Hello everyone, I just bought a Fuji Frontier SP3000 and I am totally clueless. I tried to scan 6x6 negatives but could not find the 12x12 option. I watched youtube video how to use the scanner and there is always 12x12 option. What is the issue with mine? Thank you!
  2. Currently have an SP3000 and an FE-FRONTEND setup with MS01 At the moment when i scan it goes to the frontend and then i need to export from there, is it possible to have the sp3000 export to a location without having to do the extra steps on frontend MS01. Tried to set up custom button on sp3000 but doesn't seem to want to know about it as the button never shows. Thanks!
  3. I've recently acquired the MFC10AY for 120 film carrier for my Sp3000 and I've been having trouble with autofocus each time I'm using it especially on color negative film, I'm getting the W-4412 error. What can I do to avoid getting this? Its been a pain and I haven't been able to get all the juice of the MFC10AY.
  4. Hi All, recently purchased addition sp3000 with MS01. Somehow it only export 100dpi tiff, is there anything I can adjust to 300dpi. Thank you for helping!
  5. I just acquired a Fuji Frontier Sp3000 and have a technician installed me the DIC to get the images on the second computer. I can´t find anywhere to change the format from 16base or 4base jpg to tiff. Also I dont know how to change the name of folders created on the second computer in order to get automatic something different than Job_00001.
  6. Hello all! I'm wondering if anyone has an operating instructions manual? I have found service and workflow maintenance ones. but I'd like to know how to change file settings, what the default printing sizes mean, and and how to export the images without making copies. (things of that nature) Thank you all for being so helpful, I'm learning so much through this forum
  7. Hi friends, i have fuji frontier sp3000, i bought this scanner include 2 pc, 1 pc for scanner & 1 pc for server. when i try to started scanner, the program start with error E-4468, then E-4471, and E-4740, then when i enter "print/export" mode, there's error appeared E-1774. i try to read manual service error code, it mentioned that there're faulty sensor or piezoelectric, abnormal CPZ23 circuit board power supply (error code attached). i try to open back cover scanner to see is there anything trouble at psu scanner, but it look like fine from led that i saw. i try to replace SDRAM scanner, but nothing better, fyi SDRAM installed on scanner 512mb X 2 pcs. scanner works ok to scan negative film, 135mm or 120mm, but the problem appear when i try to scan larger than 8R, weird pattern showing up, line picture will be appear like saw blade, please kindly check attachment below, it scanned 120mm film full resolution, crop from original photo attached, seems like broken pixel in my opinion. not only for 120mm, but 135mm will be like that if i try to print/scan 8R/zoom 200% and more. is there any solution for my problem or did someone know what's the problem with my scanner? has anyone experienced like this before? please advice, thank you very much Regards, Hanung
  8. Hi There Is it possible to do a flat scan on Fuji SP3000 with MS Software? Thanks
  9. I'm using stand-alone sp-3000. I found this mark in every frame.. I can't figure out since when it started happening. I found out that this only happens when I use NC100AY carrier... when I scanned the same strips with MFC carrier, there's no mark. Anyone who has experienced similar problem???
  10. WTB Fuji frontier sp3000 ( 645 Carrier ) * just only 645 film carrier mask for 120 scan please email me gongtairoop@gmail.com
  11. Hi everyone, I just bought the Fuji SP3000 scanner and wanted to know if there is a way to scan films higher than 72 DPI? Also, If you choose to burn the photos you can choose between 4base and 16base. Is there a way to change from 4base to 16base when you choose the "Free Export" saving method? Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, Very much help needed here, I have a Sp3000 that I'm trying to connect to a DIC computer running on Windows Xp Mediacenter Edition Service Pack2 I was able to install software following these directions: -Install Windows XP SP2 (must be SP2) -Naming computer to : FE-FRONTEND -The same WORKGROUP to SP3000 -Partitioning into two drives C and D -Create user account : FRONTIER, password: FRONTIER, add this user to Administrator Group. -Disable Windows Firewall, -Install MSDE and apply Merlin Patches The problem is that the DIC wont connect to the imaging unit(SP3000), I'm running out of ideas why this won't connect.. any help is appreciated and willing to pay for it.
  13. Hi, I'm recently using SP-3000 for my rolls. I wonder how I change the default setting for order Id which is basically "A". I explored the whole menu but I couldn't find it.
  14. I'm getting some weird lines on the scans when I use the bigger print size, 10" on the short side, that my software (A1 1.5) can do. They only happen when I scan 6x7 at 10" but if scan 6x.4.5 at the same print size then I don't get any lines at all. I replaced the GPA23 twice and the lines are still there. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Here are two crops of what the lines look like. The diagnostics says that the GPA23 is fine and so is the ram. Thank you for any help!
  15. Hello, I saw a photo of the SP-3000. The software used in the system caught my attention. What is "PRO" software ? Is there a difference from our software (S1-S2 etc)
  16. Hi everyone, I own a Fuji Frontier SP3000 and wanted to upgrade the software, so I've cloned the Hard Drives from a friend, one for the scanner PC (toshiba) and another for the PIC software. At my friend's SP3000 both machines connect with each other, as well as with the scanner, just fine. On my install both machines boot, all drivers are properly installed and I can ping both machines, this means the PCs are communicating fine with each other. But the scanner PC (the toshiba) when booting, the fuji software gives me 1st the X-4299 error and after that the E-4213 error (error images attached). As far as i can tell it never comunicates with the scanner, there's no carrier warm-up noise as usual, and the software never fully loads. Hopefully I'm not forgetting any detail, but feel free to ask me any questions. Any ideas would be really appreciated!! Thanks in advance! Edgar
  17. Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum. I'm the owner of a fully working (standalone) SP3000 with both 135 automatic film carrier and MFC10AY manual carrier with all the masks. I'm looking for a NC120AY auto carrier, from what I've seen it's pretty rare, but maybe here there's somebody who's interested in selling one. Another question, since I couldn't find any manual of the NC120AY, does it need different masks for each frame size (6x6, 6x7, 6x9) or it doesn't need any? Thank you very much, Luca ImWaffe
  18. Hi, Scans from the SP3000 show colored lines/stripes frome time to time. Picture attached! I cleaned: Entire Image Box, cards and ram Leds Lens DSP 1: failure (set to invalid) Everything was fine until recently. Any options besides buying another GPA23? What causes this? Dirt, power, LEDs, memory? Thx for any help!
  19. Hello, I have a scaner SP3000 attached to Frontier375. It worked very fine for a few years, and now I can't scan a film, there is a message W-4336 (the focus position adjustement is not performed with this carrier). To do focus position adjustment, first I must do "Optical Magnification Calibration". How to perform it? I dont have a chart and don't know which chart I need. Please help!
  20. I got in trouble for about a week with the scanner (SP-3000 model). I did try to fix it myself such as Ram cleaning, changed wifi card in the picture-box after that Ram seem back to work again (before was dead) but the problem not fixed I still get this photos while I open it So I would like to ask you that have you ever get something like this before? If you know reason why I get this problem or even better if you know how to fix it please tell me it would be very kind of you. Sincerely yours. Phai, November Photo Lab
  21. Hi guys, New to this forum and am finding it very hard to find much information on precise steps to get this done. Basically, I am helping a friend set up a Frontier SP 3000 to be used as a standalone unit. The machine/software on the scanner is fine, but we are missing the steps and software to get the secondary computer set up to have the files exported to. I understand this computer needs to run Windows XP which we have installed. Is there anything else other than needing the software installed and it obviously networked via ethernet? Unfortunately my friend said the secondary computer that came with it died and the seller is not communicating back so we've bought an old one as a replacement. We just wanna get this thing going and get scanning! Any information on installation files would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading, Patrick
  22. Hi guy first of all i'm a newbie for frontier scan (sp3000) i have 1 computer that operate with sp3000 (window2000 with ms11 ) and another one computer to recieve photo ( windowXP) i want to upgrade my software to use this function ( attach image ) 1 what version should i have to install ?? 2. or i should change my main computer to another window 3. would you please give me some advice how to do it
  23. Hi, I am looking to run the SP3000 with a PIC in the most streamlined way possible in a production environment (~100-400 rolls a week). How do you guys manage large client operations like this? what's your workflow? what's the best software combo? How do I access the advanced color options that are grayed out (gradation/bright, etc)? what's the advantage of the B7 / B9 "professional" software ? how do you get it to account for different light conditions on the same roll (how do I make cloudy, fluorescent, sunny, and tungston light all come out neutral balance on the same roll without manually correcting each frame? How do I quickly apply manual color settings from the previous frame to the current one? Any help appreciated!
  24. I am hoping to get my SP3000 running but I am running into issues during the installation. I do not have a backup floppy for the unit. I believe I need the factory focus data settings for the machine. My Lens ID is shown in the photos, but I need the values for the Focus Calibration and Optical Magnification Calibration. Any insight on this would be appreciated. I have been on the phone with Fuji some, but have yet to solve the problem. Please see attached screenshots for details.
  25. Ultra8


    Hello! We´ve bought a second SP3000 for our scanning Business. After we received the Maschine we turn it on and the power supply in the toshiba pc went away with a bang. So i replaced the power supply with a new one and the Maschine starts. But then we get a GPA23 failure (see pictures below). The Software will work after this failure message. After that, I started to registered a NC carrier. The software tell me to do a focus calibration. If i start this in the service menu, the software call me again to do a optical magnification calibration. This endet up with failure W-4845 and that was it. So, what kind of hardware is broken and what can I do to get the maschine to work? Thank you! www.daguerrotypen.de/IMG_0989.jpg www.daguerrotypen.de/IMG_0988.jpg www.daguerrotypen.de/IMG_0985.jpg www.daguerrotypen.de/IMG_0983.jpg www.daguerrotypen.de/IMG_0982.jpg
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